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Valarian's Story: Backstory - Afterlife

Everyone dies eventually.  When they do, they have one of three options: Heaven, Hell, or Purgatory.  The good go to Heaven, the bad to Hell, the redeemable to Purgatory.

If one goes to Heaven, they will live in their own personal paradise.  If they're an especially good person, they will be given the option to become an Angel, serving as a heavenly soldier.

If one is a particularly rotten specimen, however, they will find themselves in the clutches of Hell.  There, they are…


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Val's Weapons (On person)

Weapons Valarian carries at any given time include:

-4 pistols (2 on shoulder holsters, two on hips) (3 vary, one is his Holly Pistol)

-10 throwing knives (inside his jacket)

-1 Rifle (across his back, varies but is usually his "Spitfire" Rifle)

-2 Swords (on hips, Angel Sword and The Reforger)

-Wrist Blade (Right Wrist, built in)

-Spike Gun (left wrist, built in)

Grand total: 10 weapons on average

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