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G.D.'s Rules to Outfit Manners

Here's the link from our almighty ruler's blog post about the rules of appropriate steampunk garb: http://www.buzzfeed.com/steampunk/the-6-rules-of-steampunk-fashion-3n9d

I think that, as always, G.D. says it best. We shouldn't judge or malign someone because they don't fit in with our own particular view of our culture. A person can wear what ever color they so desire and mix and match…


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Rococo Punk "Less Steampunk, more cake"

Some of us, if not all, have at least heard about the new craze running rampant through our community: Rococo Punk. But what is it exactly?

Rococo Punk is classified as a punk out take on the Renaissance era, primarily in the high-class French community of the time. Or, as one blog put it, "Less Steampunk, more cake." They find outlandish make up and hairstyles and recreate them to add to effect. They take bolder chances with their outfits. But what remains of Steampunk in…


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Weekly OUAT Speculation (log 2/14/13)


Spoilers are in your future!

no seriously... if you're not caught up, DON'T READ THIS!

Where the…


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