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Dirigible of the Galvanic Winds

Busy writing, writing my little stories to amuse my friends.  I find myself laughing to myself as I write, is it funny or am I becoming unhinged?  Could it be both?  Working hard to maintain my status as a mad scientist.

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The Revenge of Dr. Minneapolis St. Paul: More Tales from the Black Hart

Yes, its finally out and available in print and eBook on amazon!

Hope you all enjoy!


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Writing and Pipes

     I have been polishing the Dirigible Pirates and preparing for epublishing.  The Pirates were originally published in episodic fashion in the 1980's through 1990's - being an early take on steampunk in a newsletter called The Agricultural and Mechanical Gazette.  I've corrected bits of inaccuracy here and there as well as throwing in bits of gratuitous sex.

     Tales from the Black Hart is also progressing well - somewhere north of 35,000 words…


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Bits from Black Hart

Chapter 2 When Angry Plants Attack

"Airship's grounded and we've been forced to recharge the accumulators from the backup solar array - bloody PVCS is knackered again," the Wing Commander shouts from the temporary barricade of branches and detritus as she snaps off several suppressive bursts from the Bren. "Beasts are at it again trying to get inside the wire; we have to hold them back until we get power back to at least eighty percent." The Bren stutters out another series, she…


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