Another (minor) coincidence from the CR&A universe.

      I've mentioned some of these things before, and here is another one.

      The character of Adele Calloway has a number of highly developed skills that enable her to function successfully in a Wild/Weird Western Steampunk environment.  She is an expert horsewoman, adept with a lariat, can track, and 'read sign' to an extraordinary degree, is fluent in American Indian sign language, and is highly proficient with handguns.  She is also not shy about pointing out her abilities to various law enforcement officials, and ruffians of all types.  If accused of exaggerating, she responds with one of her trademark phrases: "Hey, it ain't braggin' if it's true!"

      In order to get a better feel for how such a character had been developed in classic, and successful westerns, I set about watching all the old B western films, and similar western television series I could find.  In the course of this, I found a TV show called "The Guns of Will Sonnett", which I vaguely remembered, since it starred Walter Brennan, and a man with the memorable name of Dack Rambo.  I now quote from the wikipedia article about the show:

  "The elder Sonnett was capable with firearms and often spoke to strangers about this in an intimidating way.  In the first episode, he mentions that his son is an expert with guns, and his grandson is better, "and I'm better than both of 'em–no brag, just fact."  This last phrase was uttered frequently on the show, and became a catch phrase among the show's fans."

      OK, I  >did<  see the show when I was a kid, but I have absolutely no conscious memories of it from back then.  Besides, there is not a speck of similarity between crotchety old Walter Brennan, and my beautiful, and glorious Adele!  (Except the handgun skills, that is.  And yes, I admit to being in love with a fictional character, but remember, I am mildly insane.)

      And there's coincidence #4.  I think it's 4.   Heh.   There are more, but they can wait.  At least until I can codify them.

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Comment by P. Aloysius Regnad on September 20, 2020 at 8:23am

      OK, being pretty much stuck indoors, except for the absolutely necessary tasks of acquiring food, or retrieving my mail, is really beginning to make me very unhappy.  About all I can do to combat this are things like watching even more old movies, and TV shows.  So I've just started watching "The Guns of Will Sonnett" again.  Huzzah.  Sort of.

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