Felix leaned on the side of the small farmhouse. The elderly gentleman came out and handed him a piece of paper. Felix stood up as he read the piece of paper. A flash of lightning and roar of thunder filled the air for a moment.

"So you want me to infiltrate the city and collect data?"

"That is the idea...and take your apprentice with you."

"So why not Sarah for this mission?" Felix asked the man.

"Because you are the Sky Captain. We know something is up, with your reputation, they personally asked for you."


"Yes the curators. They want you to host a series of battles. For a prize that no one would ever want to pass up. Although they never said what the prize was."

"Fair enough. So how is Cynthia's Asylum project going?" Felix inquired.

"Actually ahead of schedule, these Darkrose class warships, can even go against the Alcatraz."

"That's good to hear."

"Felix...we need you stop whatever evil is aboard that ship. Some of our reports have mentioned C.O.G. scientists possibly being aboard."

"Great them too. They are the last people we need." He crumpled the paper and tossed it to the side.

The little girl came out of the house. "Teacher when are we going back to the ship?"

"Soon Ellie. Soon." Felix turned to face Zane "I'll take the job." 

Ellie followed him to the jet. After a quick system's check they were off.

Cynthia, I'm glad you are finally getting your ship put into action. I'll be seeing you shortly.

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