Automatons late valentines day- SPG fanfic

In the Walter Manor for the past two years valentines day was always celebrated two days late on 16th of February.
There is a reason for this very strange tradition
The robots of steam powered giraffe had never really been into Valentine’s Day until last year.
They spent most of the last 118 years playing pranks, annoying Spine and causing Mischief.
The reason why the robots version of Valentine’s Day is always two days late is;
The 16th of February 2013 was the date Hatchworth was finally set free from Peter Walters vault, after centuries of being down there were no company.
On this day Peter Walter also managed to mend Hatchworth’s blue matter energy core, this meant Hatchworth was no longer a threat to humans.
When Hatchworth came up from Peter’s laboratory he was greeted by two very, very happy robots!
Even The Spine was smiling! They both had the armfuls of strange presents and gifts that they made for Hatchworth to show them how much they love their brother.
The gifts included; a pair of Peter Walters old socks, a cowboy hat, some old robot parts that The Spine no longer needed, and a card that was drawn and made by Rabbit.
Peter Walter thought it was an amazing idea because it was taking Hatchworth’s mind off all the years he spent in the vault all by himself.
And for the first time ever, all 3 robots were being nice to each other.
The being nice to each other though did not last long.
After about three hours Rabbit and Spine started arguing as usual about who’s presents were better.
At first Hatchworth did not know what to say but very soon started arguing with Rabbit about the most random things.
Peter Walter made a quick exit from the room and went back to his laboratory where it was nice and quiet so he could think.
Peter sat at his desk and said to himself “what have I done I now have three automatons causing Mischief”.
He loved them too much to deactivate them but he just wished they would behave more.
He thought that them all being nice would not last.
Peter decided he was going to try to Make all 3 robots it down so that he could talk to them about their behaviour and try to teach them some manners.
He knew that this would be a lot of hard work.
And he was not sure how Hatchworth would react, Peter did not want to upset him because he had already had a traumatic past.
Peter took a deep breath,and went to go to talk to Rabbit and Spine because They are the influential troublemakers.
Peter had just had enough of their Pranks. In the past Rabbit and Spine did things such as;
Hidden all of the Walter workers clothes and uniforms so that I had to go to work in their pyjamas. Spine found this very funny! And when Peter took them shopping, Spine sat in one of the shopping trolleys while Rabbit thought it would be funny to play hide and seek with peoples handbags!
He knew he had to have a word with them before Hatchworth started doing those sort of pranks too.
When Peter finally found where the robots were hiding, he discovered that all three of them had covered the whole Walter Manor in toilet roll.
Peter’s face turned very, very red. the robots Had never seen him this angry before.
Spine had toilet roll wrapper around his hat and jacket. On Spines jacket Rabbit had Written ” Mayor MC Toilet” in bright red lipstick.
While Hatchworth was quite unsure on what to do with the toilet roll, so he rapped it all around his Stove Pipe and put random bits if toilet roll around his glasses.
Rabbit looked the worst, she wrapped toilet roll around her hair and her dress, she was totally covered in toilet roll.
Peter did not know wether to be angry at the Robots or to laugh at them. Usually he would of been very annoyed but this was Hatchworth’s first day out of the vault.
Peter asked the Robots to sit down while he tried to ignore the mess around him.
Peter tried to calm down and then asked who’s idea it was to cover the whole Walter Manor in toilet roll.
Spine and Rabbit both looked at each other and Hatchwoth looked down at his new Fancy shoes.
After about a minute of silence, Rabbit and Spine both said ” it was us”. Rabbit then stood up, still covered in toilet roll and said ” wwwwe just wanted Hatchworth to have a fun day because he has not did anything fun for a very long time”.
Peters face smiled, he then told them to never cover the Manor in toilet roll again!
Peter decided not to have words with them about the way they behave.
Peter loves the Automatons for who they are and in someways he enjoys their pranks.
Hatchworth then smiled, for the first time in years, he then thanked his friends for the wonderful day he had.
Hatchworth then looked at Peter and asked ” every year on this day, please could we all do fun things together, and call it a late valentines day??”.
Peter nodded in agreement.
Hatchworth then picked up a piece of toilet roll and wrapped it around Peters jacket. They all smiled and carried on covering the Walter Manor in toilet paper.
Since that day Hatchworth has made sure that the 16th if February is a fun day for everyone in the Walter Manor.
The End :-)

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