I've decided that to begin with this story, I should give you a bit of background on Nef and myself. 


       One Arabian night, as a warm south wind played with the desert sand dunes under a cold blue bed of diamond sky, a young boy of eighteen waited under a cypress tree for his love. She arrived on a camel, wearing a silver niqab and a white abaya and when they saw each other, she stripped herself of her clothing and they made love. In the morning, the young man and woman awoke under the cypress and with nothing but water and food, they mounted the camel and rode off to the capital leaving their village behind in the desert dust. 

      Here, the man struggled to find work for the first two months and went to the palace for help where he was employed to work in the palace as a body guard on one condition, that he leave his wife behind and claim loyalty only to the sultan. The young man aggressively declined this request, shaking his fist and saying 

      "I will not leave her to die!" But that night, when he returned home, he found his wife, the woman he had refused the sultan for,  in bed with another man. At that moment, when he gazed, baffled by his wife's disloyalty to him, it became clear. And so the young man left and returned to the palace. He was immediately put into training and after one year, he became a guard. It was the night after his initiation that the young man walked into his humble chambers only to find a baby crying on his bed with a note beside it saying, "I've kept this little one secret since our first night." So, the man presented the child to the Sultan who agreed that he should keep the child and raise him to fight and protect. And so the man did, becoming head of security along the way. But when his son grew up to be a strong fighter of the age of eighteen, the sultan brought the man to his throne room and demanded that he castrate the boy so that he may be the new body guard for his daughter. The father looked up at the Sultan with sad eyes and kneeled on the hard alabaster floor. "You would have me make my son a eunuch?" But in the end, the father agreed and took his son to the initiation room where, with a close friend as witness, he printed and signed the papers of confirmation. But as he lifted his knife to cut…it…off, his emotional stress gave in, and at last, he could not.  


      I was the son that came out of that room with a paper claiming me to be a eunuch even though I was still very much in tact. Nothing had changed, except for the secret that I was now responsible for, as well as a job that would change my life forever. 

      This Sultan had put his daughter a sixteen year old princess named Nefertiti, under my protection after the last day guard was executed for plotting an assassination. When Nefertiti was born, she was the talk of the kingdom, not just because she was the sultan's first and only child but because she was born with a deformity in her left eye that left her without any color or pupil in it. There was only white as though someone had painted over the color. This reminded the queen of a bust she had seen of the real Nefertiti, henceforth, how they named the first princess. This girl, brought up to be a lady and a princess from birth, ruined and saved my life all in the same night. 

          So, now that we've found the beginning, shall we start the real story? 

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