Cain Marko: Part 5 - The Hellfist...

One months later...

The small ship we were on slowly landed on the dock.  Bloody dinghy.  I’m tired of searching for a damn ship.  The fact I had to sneak off my ex-wife's ship in a life raft sickens me to no end.  Just glad Artie disabled the tracker before we took it.  If my wife had found out we had taken one of her ships, even if it’s a shitty little lifeboat like this, she would’ve flayed me alive.  I’m glad I have Artie as a friend and as a mechanic.  I do feel sorry how I have been treating him for the past month, but I need to make haste.
                I clenched my cold, metal fist and looked down at my left arm.  I don’t even feel any pain anymore.  I just feel a slight weight on my side, but its compensated by the leather straps around my chest.  We’ve already tested the strength of the arm, and the results were astounding.
                I can obliterate a tree easily with just one swing.  The only problem is the recoil throughout my whole body.  That’s the unbearable part.  The first time we did it, it caused my skin to tear around the prosthetic.  We remedied that.  I’m actually afraid of what I could do to a normal person.
                The arm is equipped with a holster for my pistol, and compartments for medications.  I may be well adjusted to it, but it does still put a strain on my body.  I’m not fully comfortable with it.
                I do have one defensive capability attached to it, besides the fact its pure metal.  It has the capability to retract three metal plates out of it – a temporary shield, or a quick cover for me if I duck down while it is out.  Artie said he will put more upgrades into the arm later, and any other ideas we can come up with.
                I stepped off the lifeboat onto the dirt covered ground.  No grass in this huge plain.  It’s a secluded airfield for smugglers.  I feel uncomfortable here, but Artie for some reason feels right at home.  The man has a great big smile on his face and I still don’t understand why.
                "Artie," I yelled at him.  "When are we going to get to this ship you said you found me?"  I pull at my collar in frustration as the wind kicks up some dirt into my face.  I look around and see large ships all docked around me.  Well, large to my stature, but in truth all of these smuggler’s ship I built small and made for speed.  I even see an old ZP210, one of the first smuggling zeppelins.  I steer clear of it.  Those are rumored to be highly explosive because of all the methane needed for the lift.
                He turned to me with a smile and pointed across the swarmed bay.  "It be right there.”  I looked to where he pointed and my mouth stood agape.  “The Hellfist" he announced proudly.
                Docked at the end of the bay stood a shining ship of black and gold, standing a few meters shorter than the tallest ship here.  Cannons lined the ship I could see and I hoped they did the same on the other side.  The sleek body of the model would've made any proud captain swoon, and I wondered how Artie came to the good fortune of this beast of a ship.  I looked to the rear of the ship and bout fell over from shock.  The bloody thing had turbine thrusters?!  The rarity of finding a ship like this was 1 in thousands.  That could only mean two things.  This ship was made for intense missions for smugglers or was used by bandits…or pirates.
                "Artie, where did you find this ship?"  I turned to him and he just smiled back at me.  I was starting to get real annoyed by that smile.
                "I inherited it, sir.  My grandfather left it to me when he passed.  I was planning to give it to the government so it could be used in the war, but I have a better plan for it now.  A more worthy plan.  I proudly give command of this airship to you so we may start the journey to find your daughter."  He smiled proudly throughout his little monologue.
                I smiled and patted the man on his shoulder.  "Thank you my friend.  There is no way I could ever repay you.  The tools you’ve given me,” I raise up my arm and beam at the ship in front of us,” make my mission easy to accomplish.  I gladly accept this gift."  I proudly quickened my step towards the mighty ship.  The Hellfist.  I stared down at my left arm and clenched my fist.
                “When I find those pirates, this fist of mine here will pull that leaders heart out, and crush it, sending the bloody bastard to hell.”
                We proceeded to walk down the bay, not knowing that this ship was being watched...and so were we.


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