Cain Marko: Part 6 - The Torin Brothers...

“Nate!”  Jacob quickly snapped at his brother before he was seen by the two they were following.  “Are you trying to make it so we are caught?”
                Nate looked back at his brother and smiled a toothy grin.  “You know I don’t like doing this sneaking prattle you like to do.  I’d rather just handle this up front.  Really now, sneaking around like a common thief.”
                “Is that what you think I am brother?  A common thief?”  Jacob moved closer to his brother and punched him playfully in the arm.  A way of showing affection that they have done for years.  “You know my job needs a way of stealth.  Now let’s move on.  They are getting away.”
                They both ran towards another ship and attempted to blend in, which wasn’t that hard.  The dock today was pretty packed with a lot of people from all over.  This was a smuggler’s den, where every thief, smuggler, and pirate came to shove off their wares.  Pretty much a black market.
                Nate and Jacob made their way through the crowd slowly, camouflaging themselves as they went, all the while keeping an eye on their targets – some Japanese guy and a man with a metal arm.
                “Say Nate,” Jacob said as he turned to his brother.  “Why are we exactly going after these two again?”
                Nate whispered in his brother’s ear as they continued to walk.  “I heard tell that the owner of that beauty of a ship was going to be here today.  Someone has made a sort of bounty on that ship and its owner, a hefty one at that, and I mean to collect it; unless these guys here can give me a better one that is.”
                Jacob smiled and whispered back to his brother, “well if we know where they are going, why didn’t we just sneak onto the ship?”
                Both of the brothers stopped in their tracks as Nate looked at his brother.  “You think I didn’t try last night?  There wasn’t a bloody seam or doorway I could find on the hull.  It’s some type of voice activated door.  This is a high quality ship.  Was probably an Admiral’s ship.”  They resumed their pace, keeping track of where their target was.
                They stopped as the Japanese man reached the ship.  The man reached up with his arm and pressed his hand against a part of the hull.  A light shown and the frame of a door appeared.  Both men shared a smile and went aboard, leaving the door open.  “Let’s go, Jake.”
                Both brother’s shared a smile just like their targets and rushed forward and followed aboard.
                “Hello boys,” Cain said as the two brothers came through the door.  Artie placed his hand on the wall next to the door and it shut close.  “So nice of you two to join us.  We were wondering when we might have a little chat.”
                The brothers stood there calmly, having only eyes for Cain’s metal hand, or lack of a hand.  In the place of his hand was a barrel, large enough for a projectile as big as his fist.
                “Let’s have a chat boys.”

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