Year: 1902

Location: Undisclosed Location

Date: June 28

     Cynthia sat in her office. She overlooked the engineering bay as they were finishing up the ship. 

Alex please be safe. I know I have been gone for a long time, but hang in there. I know its only a few days till the World's Fair. We will get the ship done.

She spun her chair around and put her head on the desk. She sat there for a moment thinking, the room filling with silence. She slammed her hand on the desk. 

"Double time, we need this ship in the air yesterday!" She barked into the intercom on her desk. "Yes Captian, right away." The voice on the box replied.


It was a title she didn't like. She would rather be the chief engineer, or at least the engineering officer, but Captain? She slumped in her chair and looked at her picture of Felix. So much at once. 

She stood up, grabbed her goggles and headed to the engineering bay. "Time to get this beast in the air," she said to herself.

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