OK, I've described coincidences 1, 3, and 4, so I may as well reiterate #2.

      AFTER thinking up the character of Adele Calloway, giving her a romantic relationship with the character based on me, and deciding on her birthday (September 23, 1882), I decided to see how "we" relate according to the so-called "Chinese Zodiac".  In simplest terms, this assigns an animal to a person according to the year of their birth, and indicates certain characteristics which a person with a given animal association should have.  My animal is the dog, and the characteristics described are amazingly accurate for me.  Much moreso than than those of the constellation based zodiac.  And Adele's birthday makes her animal the horse.  Not only do the characteristics of 'horse people' fit her with almost no deviation, horse and dog have the highest romantic compatibility of any two animals!  No wonder "we" love each other, despite there being a 32 year difference in "our" ages!  (OK, "we" share similar outlooks about many things, and "our" knowledges, and skills tend to be complimentary, which helps out in "our" adventures, but still...)

      And there's coincidence #2.  Readers here are now all caught up.

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