"Mom! Who are the mean people?" A little boy aske his young, dark haired mother who held him tightly in her arms. Ara stared at the kid while Captain Bennett and Zeke stepped in front of the crew. Zeke walked up to the woman and the child, the mother stepping back and turnin her child away with a solid warrior's glare. "We haven't done anything to you." Zeke smiled cheerfully with soft eyes. Ara scoffed at this. "You shouldn't make judgments about people before you speak with them." The mother set the child down behind her and he grabbed onto her leg as she spoke to the captain of the Dawn Rider. "You touch my son, I'll hunt you down and burn you so the devil can use your ashes for table salt." She glared. Zeke looked back at Charlotte who chuckled slightly and then turned his attention back to the woman. "Is that a challenge?" He asked. "No, sir," she responded, "it's a promise." Zeke shrugged, "well good, cause I won't touch him." He matched her wrist and pulled her to the side of the ship, the crews of the Rider and Widow moving to make a path for him, the mother kicking and yelling all the while. Zeke drew his ray gun and pressed it to the back of her skull. "Now, I'd like everyone to bring me the most precious item from their travels and something from the kitchen this crew will enjoy. Also any liqueur left on the ship. You don't have to do it. In fact, of any one person refuses or doesn't bring what I ask, I'll give a wonderful fireworks show for the cute little orphan boy that might become of that kid right there." The mother screamed and Zeke knocked her in the head. Ara grabbed the whimperin child by the back of his shirt collar and pushed him to David. "Watch the little blighter till we're done. I'll loot for you." Ara said as the crews spread out and pervaded the metal airship. "Are you going to hurt mother?" The kid glared at him. "You know what my father used to say to that question? He used to say, "fuck off before I brand her name on your back. That's why me mum's name is tattooed on me back. Cause one day I didn't fuck off." The kid blinked at David. "Means I killed him." David said, the kid blinked again. "Don't give me that look," he patted the child on the back. Meanwhile the dark haired mother struggled more even with her head pounding. "You'd aid you wouldn't touch him. I'll kill you!" She screamed. Zeke chuckled. "I'm not touching him, I'm touching you." He told her. "Hey Zeke," Ara walked up behind him, "Lilith and Emmet found two sailors sneaking away on a lifeboat with bottle of rum and whiskey." She reported, "Jem had to shoot one in a knife fight. He's busy with the other. What do you want him to do with it."
"It?" Asked Zeke,
"It's an automaton." Ara responded.
"Would you mind bringing him up to me? He might be useful." Zeke said. Ara smiled and began to walk off when a light tapping gunfire came from where David was bending down to lay on his side with his right hand putting pressure on a bloody hole in his leg.
"That's my boy." Whispered the weak mother. "Fucking hell," whispered Zeke.

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