"...Men, this is going to be one of your toughest battles to date. You may not make it but, you will be saving the world from imminent danger." The young lieutenant finished speaking after motivating speech. He gave the podium to the young ensign. "Men as you know we are going against the Wraith, James Callaghan a.k.a. Tura' Lu. Captain Bellicose will be the Commanding officer for this mission. We will be using the his ship The Spirit. Each one of you has been issued an aether suit which will help you resist the cold and the nature of the target. Felix will giv-" Felix cut the ensign off and took his place in front of the division of air marines. "The point the ensign is getting to is this guy is going to mess us up. My team will do the part of stopping him. You just need to keep constant fire and keep an open path for us. Lieutenant Thomas," Looking to the the Lt. "Get you men on board my ship in 10 minutes. Dismissed." 

Felix turned to Jack and Sarah, "You know this is your dad we are going after." The two nodded in agreement. "I expect only the best from you both." They nodded again.

Later that evening Felix stood on the bridge of The Spirit. "Felix you need to catch a nap," Phoebe said with a hint of worry in her voice. "I can sleep when I'm dead." He snapped back at her, "Ready Jets 2, 3, and 4. And make sure jet 3 has the double seat." "Yes sir." She quietly relied.

Felix stood on the top deck as he saw the island become enveloped in white lite. "Well. Now is the time." he mouthed to himself. He gripped the handrail tighter as he saw the glimpses of Alicia and Bartholomew's atrocities. He held the cross on his necklace tighter and headed for the launch pad. "Jack Full power to the Ship Cutter." 

He started doing flight checks as the hum of the laser started to drum on. With Ellie in his back seat, he closed off the cabin. "No going back now," flipping switches as the gauge filled for steam. "Teacher, I'm scared. I don't want you to die." Ellie said as her eyes began to glow blue. "I'll be fine." Felix reassured her as the image of Tura's crooked smile rang in his head. He took a swig of his flask and applied the throttle. "Sarah, Phoebe, close formation." The three jets launched down the beam, Ellie forming a bubble around them and shielding them from the laser. "No time for heroics." Phoebe said as the three jets crashed across the bow of a large warship. The four ghosts took a look around the inside of the white dome. The white mutant creatures surrounding them.

"Enough!" Felix yelled as he shot a stream of fire melting a trench along the front of the ship. The sarcastic clap echoing around him. More streams of fire melting part of the ship. "You stupid fool. Came to an early grave?" Tura' Lu appearing in front of him then fading as he swung. "Go below decks! All of you! NOW!" Felix yelled as he was engulfed in flames. The remaining three ran for the below decks as the metal started to melted around them. "No going back now," Sarah muttered as she drew her katana out as they headed for the bridge.

They met Tura' Lu sitting on a giant golden throne. "If it isn't my little girl?" Laughing, "Finally come to join my side to rule this world?" 

"You pompous ass!" her hand resting on he pistol, "You can give up now or we will make you."

"How cute," chuckling, "Before I kill you, I think I should tell you how your mother really died."

"She died Giving birth to Jack." She said drawing her gun.

"She died saving you and jack from me," Tura' Lu burst into hysterical laughter, a crack of lighting fills the room as Sarah fell to the ground. Ellie and Phoebe looked at him in shock, hands on their guns. "Make one move towards me and you share her fate," growling at them. Ellie paused for a moment, she slowly drew the knife from her boot, after a deep breath she leaped at the monster. A flash of lightening erupted in the room as she fell limply on the deck. "Now that leaves the annoying one," chuckling and heading for the upper deck.

Felix finally let the fire surrounding him die, noticing the half melted ship and charred shadows of the beasts in the metal. A sarcastic clap echoed from above him. Without looking up he threw a fireball at the control tower melting it. "Very good, Alexander." Tura' Lu's voice echoed from behind him. "Enough!" Felix yelled as his grip found Turas Lu's neck. "Yes use that rage," the voice echoed as the body in his hands faded into the air."Come out and Fight me!" Felix growled as the fire on his hands began to burn white. Everything went white for Felix, he woke up to a sharp pain in his chest as the echo of a gunshot filled his ears. He saw Tura' Lu's head explode as he fell to the ground as Phoebe and Sarah ran up to him. He felt the warm pool of blood surround him as everything went black. "Felix wake up," he heard Ellie say as her voice faded out.

A few days later Felix awoke in the hangar bay below the gear. Phoebe and Ellie dozed of in the chairs in the room. He smirked as he sat on the edge of the bed. Using every ounce of the his strength he made it up to the bar...

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