Wilhelm smiled as he waved his visitor in. Though he could not see the man's face he felt no concern about being attacked. This man's reputation was well founded for being as trustworthy as he was reliable.

Wil sat at his table as his guest did. "Mr. Sallidar, a true pleasure to see you again. You have information for me concerning the Grand Republic's interest in my work?" 

The man removed his top hat, revealing his gray dusted hair. The mask over his face, on the other hand, was clear up to his hair line with colored lenses over his eyes. The rest of his clothing was of the latest cut but in a uniform dark blue. His gloved hands pulled a packet from inside his jacket as he spoke. "They have increased their level of dedication to your search. An agent of the Division of Specialized Services has been assigned to retrieve you. Even I can not be sure who it might be. You are aware of how closely guarded a secret the agents of the DSS are. I'm not sure any but the Commander truly knows who all of them are."

Wil's eyes widened as he took in the words. He had known that the republic wanted him, and more importantly the research he had taken, back but to set the DSS on him. This was a threat he had never counted on. Even his closest friends could be an agent and he'd never know. His money, influence, and all of the favors he had ever gathered would be of no use at this point. 

Opening the packet he read through the summary quickly enough and shook his head. It was all clearly shown in black and white. He was now to be retrieved by the DSS by any means necessary. He was well aware he may not have anything to worry about for years but it could also be the be the next day for all he knew.

After several minutes of silence he looked at the man opposite him and handed him a thick envelope. "Thank you Mr. Sallidar. I do hope we get a chance to do more business in the future."

The man took the envelope, seeming to weigh it in his hand before nodding. His voice seeming to waver over several octaves as he spoke, "I'm sure you will find some way to keep yourself from capture Master Heizeltroff. You have thus far and they have sought you for thirty years."

Standing they shook hands before Wil showed him out. Once the door was closed Wil turned and leaned against the wall. "Blasted hell. The DSS. I need a drink!"

Moments later Wil was out the door heading towards the Gear.

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Comment by Sgt. Ian MacBrooke on April 24, 2014 at 9:21pm

I'm pretty sure Maj. Fitz isn't on the DSS payroll, but the Sarge's firsthand knowledge of the man and his activities are a bit cloudy...

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