Year: 1901

Location: Alicia Grey, London, England

Date: January 22

   Felix sat at his desk looking through the day's mail. There was an invitation for the 1902 World's Fair in New York City. He stuck it in the top drawer of his desk. He flipped through the junk mail and pulled out the one from Cynthia. He quickly tore it open and read the letter. "Love you too." He mouthed. One year till the Asylum is complete. He saw another letter from Zane and put it in the top drawer as well.

There was a loud crash from down the hall. "Damnit Ellie!" Felix jumped and ran down the hall. The galley was covered in bright red sauce and noodles. 

"I was trying to make lunch..." the poor girl was covered head to toe in sauce.

"Damnit," Felix sighed.

"I'm sorry..." Ellie looked down at the floor.

Felix just laughed and pulled out an handkerchief and wiped the sauce off her face. "Its okay." 

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