Excuse me but I do believe I may be in the wrong shop.

Yes I get that a lot my dear friend, not exactly sure your in the right shop but trust me my dear.   There is always a reason for dropping by my shop.


If you are a Knight, Monster Hunter or Vampire Hunter (Van Helsings for idetification purposes) you are probably here to stock up on the Ashwood (used to depower witches), Aconite (also known as Wolfsbane for werewolves), Vervain  or Juniper (Both used for vampires just do not mix up the species or you will suffer).   Oh and do not forget your "Compel-Me-Not" potion that is taken once a month to make you immune to compulsion from Vampires and Mesmers).  Shhh....the recipe is secret and only found here at the Black Rose.


Or perhaps you are not sure where you stand when it comes to love....then you will want the "Hearts Desire" potion (drink it and it will lead you to the one thing your heart truly desires) or maybe you wish to have a "Love Potion" but make sure you have it bespelled before you leave the shop otherwise it will not work and please follow the instructions carefully.  We wouldn't want you to make a mistake and fall in love with yourself now would we?  Jokin of course but do follow the instructions given very carefully.


Oh I know exactly what you are here for.......it's right over here.   This elixir (Fever be gone) will break the fever that your young son has been suffering from by tomorrow night.  Just give it to him three times a day today and tomorrow......oh do not forget the chamomile for the tea so he may be relaxed enough to fall asleep with out the fever taking over.


Now are you sure you are in the wrong shop? 



Part of the story I'm putting together but thought I would share since it describes some of the potions I carry on my belt when in costume/Persona.

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