It’s midnight a young man in his mid 20's, staggers out of a bar from the

backside. He pulls his long brown hair back in a pony tail. He stands there

looking up to the night sky. "God why did you take the only two things I

love away from me".


"I know you can hear me Kim I really miss you please hug and kiss are

little girl for me. I can't believe it has been 5 years sense that fatal

night. I miss you both so much". He wipes the tears from his eyes.

Leaning over He pukes hard all over the ground from all the rot gut

liquor he heavily consumed.


As he walks down a poorly lit ally a cold chill comes over him. He hears

a deep and raspy voice in a very eerie tone. "What's your name little

one? Coming from behind him." Joe spins around finding himself looking

up into a pair of yellowish green eyes and a huge figure of a man

wrapped with a cloak.


Knowing he is in the presence of something very evil. He softly and

quietly responds, Joey. The huge figure smiles showing his white jagged

teeth He responds. "Cute name I like it I think you will do perfect for

my needs little one."


Joe takes two steps back, knowing this in no mere man standing before

him. "If it's my soul you want your too late it belongs to someone else,

and if you wish to kill me go ahead I have lost everything dear and

precious to me but I'm not going without a fight."


Before Joe can even react the demon reaches out with a huge muscular arm

wrapping his massive hand around Joe's neck squeezing his grip tight.


Joe almost passes out from lack of air. The Demon brings Joes face right

up to his. The demons breathe reeks of rotting and decaying human flesh.


"I don't need your soul I have plenty of them, I don't want to kill you

either. What I do need is a young healthy human body to birth my

offspring you little one are perfect."


With a somewhat surprised look on his face, barley able to breathe Joe

mutters. "are you blind or just fucking stupid if you haven't noticed I

am a man you ass hole. Joe spits into the demons face."


The demon just smiles and wipes the spittle off of his face. "Well since

you are so positive you're a man and you're not going without a fight

and that little attitude. I am going to see to it that you are conscious

and feel all the pains I am about to put you through little one."


"Are you ready to begin little one? I know I am." The demon blows an

orange mist from his mouth around Joe's face.


Joe franticly holds his breath not knowing what the mist will do or

smell like. After about a minute he gasps for air. Joe is surprised the

odor isn't horrid or rancid. It smells sweet that of lilacs and other

relaxing aromas. The demon smiles and winks. "see that wasn't so bad



The demon slowly returns Joe to the ground and releases his grasp around

Joe's neck. The second Joe feels the demon loosen his grip Joe franticly

tries to flee, but he just stands there like a lifeless zombie.


The demon smiles. "Silly child you can't do anything without me allowing

you too." Joe frowns at the demon. "Oh don't frown like that little one

it will be all over before you know it."


What appears to be a cloak wrapped around the demon? A pair of massive

leathery bat like wings stretches out revealing the demons massive

muscular and leathery gray body having a red glow to it. Only cover with

a loincloth.




The demon laughs loudly with his hands on his hips removing the loin

cloth dropping it to the ground. Joe closes his eye and turns his head

away knowing what is about to happen.


Joe just hangs his head and prays in silence. "Please god help me."


The demon puts his hand under Joe's chin lifting it up making Joe face

him. The demon grumbles. "look at me," Joe's eyes pop open and stair

into the evil glowing green eyes. "I want you to hear me and hear me

good, God doesn't care about you and he doesn't hear your silly little

prayer so just stop it. I am going to take great pleasure in everything

I am going to make you endure."


The demon slowly goes behind Joe then puts both his massive hands on

Joe's shoulders. The demon leans over and whispers in Joe's ear. "Who

knows you might even enjoy some of it." The demon licks Joe's neck

sending a cold chill up his back.


The demon firmly grips Joe's leather jacket and rips it off of him. With

his shear strength the demon literally rips Joe's clothing from his body

with one massive swipe.


Joe stands there shaking from sheer terror and the cold night air with

only his tennis shoes on his feet. Joe hangs his head down from shame

and utter fear.


The demon smiles big and circles Joe's looking at his young body. The

young man has a small frame and is not very muscular with somewhat long

legs with a very feminine round little butt. The demon raises an eye

brow noticing that the young man has a clean smooth shaven body.


"My my my what have we here?" Ask the demon. Joe hangs his head in

shame. With a stern voice the demon demands. "I want you to tell me why

you are like this? Come one you know you want to."


Slipping his hand under Joes chin making Joe look him in the face once

more. Joe whispers. "my wife liked me to be clean she said I looked cute

and I did it to please her."


The demon laughs hearing this. "well little one she was so right even in

your current form you are cute enough to screw." The demon smiles

evilly. "I bet she even made you wear her panties didn't she you know

you can't lie to me."


Joe just shamefully nods his head as a tear role down his face. The

demon breaks out laughing again. "I knew I had a good reason for picking

you little one."


The demon spins Joe around then wraps his hand around Joe's pony tail

and yanking his head back. The demon leans in close to Joe's neck and

whispers. "This is where my pleasure and you agony begins little one."


The demon starts speaking something that sounds like Latin causing Joe's

body to be more submissive to the demons commands and desires. With his

hand still firmly held onto Joe's hair he quickly bends Joe forward.

Joe's arms just dangle there.


Seeing Joe posed like this the demon frowns. "now that just isn't going

to work put your hand on your knees and spread your feet apart." With no

control over his body Joe does as the demon commands.


Joe doesn't know what this power the demon has over him. All he does

know is that it's very strong. It seems the more Joe thinks about

resisting the more his body responds to the demons commands.


Joe closes his eyes. "please God help me." Joe waits for what he knows

is going to be the most horrid and vial thing he will ever go through.


Joe feels the demon press his huge hot hard cock against the crack of

his butt cheeks. Then with a mighty thrust the demon rams his shaft into

Joe's ass.


Joe screams in agonizing pain as he feel flesh and muscles being torn

apart inside of him and blood running down his legs. Joe screams and

begs. "Please oh please stop your killing me."


The demon just laughs and begins pounding harder and faster. Joe's pain

is so intense he can no longer hold his body up as he begins to



The demon grabs Joe by the waist. "Ooohhhh nnnooo I am not done little

one," holding Joe up. Not having the strength to scream any more Joe

just moans in pain.


Joe makes one last plead. "Please stop just kill me, kill me, kill me,

please just kill me."


"Oh you little tramp you owe you know how to turn this old demon on

don't you," he whispers into Joe's ear. All of the sudden the demon lets

out gut curdling ear splitting noise of pleasure. Squeezing Joe's hips

the demon thrust his cock hard and deep into Joe.


Joe screams in agonizing pain as he feels the demons cock swell and

release his seed into him. Joe's internals seem to be melting from hot

molting lava being pumped into him by the demon.


The demon leans over. "Since you were such a good little fuck, I'm going

to let you rest for a few minutes." The demon pulls his blood and cum

covered shaft out of Joe's bloody rectum.


Joe falls to the ground quickly brings his knees to his chest curling up

into a ball and goes into convolutions.


The demon smiles ear to ear seeing the pain he has already put this

young man through.


Joe curled up in a tight ball with blood all over his lower body. He

cries and uncontrollably shakes.


Joe lays there and prays. "Please God I know you hear me. Please take me

away from this hell and let me be with my loving wife and little girl



All of the sudden Joe sees his wife and his little girl holding her

hand. "Joe my love do not despair you are going to be saved please hang

in there my loved one."


The demon starts speaking in that weird language again while raising his

arms upwards to the night sky.


Joe holds up a hand begging. "Please no more hurting me, please stop I

will do whatever you want just please please no more." Just then another

orange mist engulfs Joe's body with the same sweet aroma as before.


The demon with his hands on his hips leans back and evilly laughs.

"You're a man and I am not taking you without a fight, what a laugh you

almost make this too easy little one," pointing a finger at Joe.


"Little one I have only begun to show you pain and suffering, and yes

you're going to carry and birth my child."


The demon leans down reaching out his massive arms and wraps his hands

around Joe's face and head with the mist still surrounding Joe's body.


"Shall we begin were I left off little one." The demon utters that weird

language all of the sudden the orange mist starts to glow really bright

with swirls of bright pink in it.



The demon hands still on Joe's head and face. "How about a makeover

little one and winks. The demon squeezes Joe's head between his massive



Joe let out a terrible scream. He feels muscles and bones changing and

crackling and the god awful pressure on his head.


While scream the demon starts kissing Joe's mouth. Joe tries his hardest

to close his mouth to stop the unwanted kiss. But it's useless his body

openly responds to all the demons desires.


Joe's eyes open wide as the demon kisses him. The demons long tongue

slides into Joe's mouth like a snake it mingles with Joe's tongue. Joe's

eyes role back. "God am I enjoying this?"


Joe regains his thoughts," stop you idiot he is tricking you." Just then

the demons tongue starts burning like battery acid. He can feel the

demons tongue getting longer and goes down Joe's throat making him want

to gag and puke.


The unwanted kiss by the demon stops. Joe screams as loud as he can. Joe

instantly stops when he hears the very high pitched feminine voice

coming from his mouth.


"Now that is what I want my little one to sound like." The demon smiles

at Joe. "You sure you're a man cause you don't sound like one."


The demon walks slowly around Joe gliding his massive hands over Joe's

shoulders standing behind hind him. His hands seam to almost glow red,

the agonizing pain starts again.


Joe can hear his muscles and bone crackling and shifting again. Before

Joe can even think to scream the demons spins Joe around and putting a

finger to Joe's lips. "ssshhhhhhh shhhh now don't spoil this part."


As the demon removes his finger from Joe's lips they begin stinging and

burning then puff out turning red and take the shape of a girl's cute

pouty s lips.


Tears stream down Joe's face and his bottom lip quivering from fear more

than pain.


"Here little one let me get those tears for you there is no reason to

cry so much it's almost all over."

The demon takes his thumbs and wipes away the tears under Joe's eyes.


Joe eyes begin to sting and swell watering up Joe thinks he is going to

go blind. Soon the pain is gone and Joe can see perfect.


His eyes now looking bigger and almond shaped and a deeper brown than

they use to be.


The demon smile at the work he has created so far. "You know you don't

sound like a man and you definitely don't look like a man."


The demon holds his hand up a mirror appears in front of Joe's face. Joe

sees the reflection of a very beautiful girl not looking more than 18

but there's a terrified look on her face as tears continue to streak

down her cheeks. The demon lowers his hand and the mirror vanishes.


The demon walks behind Joe grabbing Joe's pony tail once more. The demon

yanks Joe's hairs so hard it feels as if he is ripping it out of his

skull. But with every agonizing yank Joe's hair gets longer and longer.


The demon yanks really fast and hard bringing Joe's hair past his butt.

"There all girls should have long pretty hair."


Joe just sniffles and wanting to scream but the demons command won't

allow him to. The demon snarls, "I think your starting to enjoy this

little one." Joe slowly shakes his head no.




The demon stands behind Joe sliding his hands down Joe's sides stopping

at his mid section.


Joe's eyes tear up as he feels his ribs and abdomen pulling in. Joe

glimpses down seeing his muscular abs flattening as his waist narrows.


The demon firmly places his hands on Joe's hips making the bones crackle

and muscles tearing Joe cries. "please stop it hurts so bad." Joe's hips

widen as the demon slaps both of Joe's ass cheeks making his butt sting

and round out like a girl.


Joe just hangs his head in shame. The demon wraps his hands around Joe's

arms sliding them down to his hands as the demon squeezes Joe's hands.

Joe begs. "No more please or at least let me scream from the pain to

relieve the agony you are putting me through."


The demon walk in front of Joe and nods his head. "you may scream in

pain little one I don't need you dead from shock you would be worthless

to me dead." Joe tries to lift his hands the demon seeing this nods his

head again.


Joe is able to lift his hands to his face he looks hard at them. They

are defiantly a young women's hands small and frail almost childlike.


The demon looks down at Joe's legs and notices the blood soaked tennis

shoes still on his feet. "Little one please remove those filthy thing

form your feet."


Joe takes his feet and slides the blood soaked shoes from his feet one

at a time. The demon kneels on his knees then wraps his hands around

both of Joe's legs slowly sliding his massive hands down them.


Joe screams from the pain and the demon wraps his hands around Joe's

feet. As the pain begins Joe almost falls over. The demon catches Joe.

"I don't need you hurt in that kind of way little one," as He holds Joe

up by his now feminine waist and hips.


Joe looks down seeing his very feminine and sexy little legs and feet.

Joe almost smiles at the sight of them. He stops remembering that this

is all so wrong.


The demon stands ups in front of Joe. With the demons hand clinched

under his chin he thinking out loud. "My my I do good work and you

little one are one very cute and sexy young lady. Bu I am not quiet done

yet little one."


He slowly goes behind Joe and wraps his arms around Joe's chest. Joe

begs. "Please no more pain haven't you done enough changing me you win I

give up." The demon takes his fingers and starts to gently fondle Joe's



Joe finds himself moaning with great pleasure. Joe cups his now delicate

hands over the demons hands making the demon caress Joe's entire chest.

My you're enjoying this aren't you little one." The demon whispers into

Joe's ear.


Joe begins to feel his chest swell and burn with pain. The demon slowly

removes his hands from Joe's newly developed breast. Joe moans with

pleasure looking down he sees a very sexy pair of very firm and round

little breast. Joe smiles big seeing them.




All of the sudden Joe realizes what he is feeling and thinking. Joe

looks up into the night sky Joe silently prays. "Please God give me

strength not to give into this demons plans please God I need your help

so bad."


The demon stand s in front of Joe leaning over to him the demon whispers

into Joe's ear. Are you enjoying this sweet little one? The demon kisses

Joe's neck causing Joe to moan uncontrollably with great pleasure.

Joe nods his head, yes I am. Then Joe hangs his head in shame.


The demon grabs Joe's chin making Joe face him. The demon's face is

blood red eyes a glowing bright green and fire and smoke rising of his

horn covered head. The Demon screams loud into Joe's face.


"Well no more pleasure for you little one. From now on it is only going

to be agonizing pain and if you are not strong enough you may die."


Joe whispers, "Like you haven't already put me through agonizing pain,"

and rolls his eyes. The demon hearing this comment. "don't get mouthy

little one this were I find out if your strong or weak."


Joe Just shakes from sheer terror. "Please don't do this to me please oh

please don't do it I beg you please I will do anything you want if you

please don't do this to me."


The demon just smirks. "Too late for that little one I am almost done

and there is no going back." The demon reaches down with his massive

hand gripping Joe's penis and testacies. The demon squeezes them hard.

"So is this the thing that makes you a man it doesn't impress me little



Joe feels the demon sinking his claw like fingernails deep into his

flesh. With a quick and hard yank Joe feels the last thing that gave any

sign he was a man torn from his body. The demon holds the bloody and

flesh torn dismembered organ in Joe's face. The demon laughs evilly as

he makes Joe watch him squeeze them into a bloody pulp dripping between

his fingers.


Joe's eyes role to the back of his head. Joe falls to the ground in a

puddle of his own blood. He is barely able to speak so he whispers. "I

am going to be with you soon Kim and he smiles as everything goes



The demon kneels over Joe's lifeless body. He lays Joe's body flat on

the ground. The demons put his hand on Joe's head and his other hand one

the gaping wound which is still heavily bleeding. He looks up to the

night sky and start speaking that weird Latin language.


The orange mist that covers Joe's body slowly fades away. Joe begins

breathing real week but breathing nun the less. The demon smiles. "I

knew you were strong little one." He leans down and softly kisses her on

the lips.


Joe slowly opens her eyes seeing the demon knelt over her body and

smiling. She whispers. "Please oh please no more I can't take no more

please no more pain." The demon smiles really big showing his teeth. "No

more pain little one I promise well not until you birth my offspring."


Joe slowly slider her hands between her legs and softly touches were her

male organs should be. She closes her eyes and cries, knowing she is now

a female. "So am I pregnant then?" she softly and shamefully asks.

Closing her eyes tight afraid to hear the answer.


No is all she hears and opens her eyes looking up to the demon. She

closes her eyes again with tears starting to form. "You promised no more

pain please no more I beg you please no more please."


The demon hushes her. "I promise no pain little one in fact I am very

proud of you, most men can't take the pain I put you trough you are very

strong willed and that is good. I will see to it that you feel no pain

in fact I kind of hope you may enjoy it."


Joe closes her eyes tight praying. "Please God help me oh please I don't

want to do this vial act and I don't want to carry a demon's offspring."


All of the sudden the demons gets this enraged look on his face. "What

how could he find me so soon he is always too late to stop me. The demon

sternly looks at Joe, I want you sit there and not move do you hear me

little one." Joe nods her head sits up wrapping her hands around her

legs. Joe just sits there with a really puzzled look on her face.


Joe sees a man step out of the shadows. He has long brown hair with a

large gray steak on one side a trimmed beard the bluest of eyes and a

large scar starting at the gray streak down over his right eye and

stopping at his cheek. With a long dark gray trench coat which look way

over do for a washing, a black shirt and black leather pants and old

grungy black boots. The man has in his grasp a huge double bladed battle

axe firmly held with both of his hands.


The man looks at the demon. "This time you will die Akuma no tricks will

fool me this time."


The demon stands up facing the man then clapping his hands together.

"Now that's one hell of an entrance Eric you almost impressed me."


The man smirks as he holds the battle axe up over his shoulder like a

batter ready to swing at a fast ball.


The demon starts yelling in that Latin language. The man all of the

sudden becomes totally motionless. The demon holds his hand out and a

jagged dagger appears in it. The demon walks up to the man taking the

dagger and making deep slashes in the unknown mans chest. Blood starts

running down his chest.


Joe seeing this yells, "Please whoever you are please help me."


The demon spins around and walks over to her backhanding her giving her

a bloody nose and Yelling. "I want you to shut up or you might be

next."The demon turns around and faces the man once more.


The demon notices the man wink. "Too late Akuma!"He swings his massive

battle axe as hard s he can. The demon just stands there for a few

seconds and his head falls to the ground and his massive body collapses

hard to the ground. All the sudden the demons body decays to dust and

blows away with a sudden breeze.


The man turns towards the girl who is sitting there. He smiles as he

begins walking towards the poor girl covered with blood and filth.


Seeing this man approach her slowly, Joe panics thinking he may hurt her

as well. Joe runs to a dumpster and hold an old piece of plywood tight

to her body.


Joe just sits there holding the ply wood. "Please go away please don't

hurt me". She hears a tapping on the plywood she slowly peaks over the

edge of it.


Joe finds she is staring straight into his brilliant blue eyes. He

softly smiles at the terrified girl. "Hello my name is Eric I am selling

vacuum cleaners may I demonstrate one for you miss."


He slowly removes the piece of plywood that is between him and the

trembling girl. He reaches out and softly touches her cheek.


Joe screams in utter terror. "NNNNOOOOOOOOO NNOOOOOOO more pain please

no more I can't take any more". Joe's eyes role to the back of her head,

she faints then collapses and falls on to his lap.


Joe wakes up finding herself in a large bed covered with a satin

blanket. Joe quickly looks under the blanket finding she is very clean

and wearing a little white tank top and a pair of white satin string

bikini panties.


Wondering how she got here and how she got so clean. Just then Eric

comes through the door holding a breakfast tray with fresh toast bacon

and scrambled eggs with cheeses. Eric carefully sets the tray on Joe's



Joe starts eating the food like she is starved then looks up at Eric

with a mouth full of food. "Thank you this is great."


Joe has a puzzled look on her face. She stares at Eric He just smiles

and softly He pats her cheek with his hand. "We will talk after you are

finished eating. For heaven sakes girl slow down so you can at least

taste the food." Joe nodes her head Eric quietly leaves the room.


Erick returns later to the room quietly entering. He sees the girl

looking at herself in the full length mirror she pulls her very long

hair back and grabs a hair beret off the desk in the room and quickly

ties it back.


Eric just watches her as she looks in the mirror he notices her pulling

the front of her panting out and looking down inside them then she

shakes her head and tears swell in her eyes.


Eric clears his throat to get the girls attention. Seeing Eric standing

there she jumps on the bed and covers herself with a pillow.


Eric sits on the corner of the bed and smiles at this scared girl.

"What's your name sweetie?" She sternly looks at Eric.


"My name is Joe! And she crosses her arms." Eric just nods his head. "Ok

how in the hell did you get covered in so much blood? I bathed you three

times to get it all of that blood and filth off you, you don't have a

cut or scratch one on you little one."


Joe's face turns red and scowls she throws the pillow at him then the

breakfast tray at him. She shouts at the top of her lungs.


"Don't you ever call me that fucking name! He called me that to whole

time he tortured my body, and the blood was mine you idiot I'm a 25 year

old man and he did this to me."


"I prayed so hard to God and he didn't do anything to stop it." Joe

begins crying heavily. Eric walks up to the girl and carefully wraps his

arms around her. Joe leans her face into Eric's chest and continues to

cry and wraps her arms around him.


Eric whispers to the girl. "Your faith is why I was able to find you so

quickly." She looks up into Eric's eyes," are you an angel?" Eric smiles

"OOOHH NNOOO I'm one of his warriors,"


"I have been chasing Akuma for over 500 years and I have never been able

to get this close. Eric hugs the girl tight, Thanks to you I have beat

him and I am long over do for a vacation."


She looks up at Eric. "So what is going to happen to me now I mean who I

am now." Eric stands up and starts to put his hand on her head and

before he touches her Joe slaps his hand away.


Sternly looking at him," none of that crap I am not getting my mind

wiped clean. I want to remember who I was and my wife and little girl."

Eric smiles big at the Girl. "OK OK I won't do that to you but I have an

idea trust me ok."


Joe kind of pouting looks up at Eric and nods her head. Eric places his

hand on Joe's head she feels memories of this girl flooding into her

head and it hits her she remembers her brothers and his family getting

killed by a drunk driver. Eric removes his hand from her head.



He smiles and looks down at her. "How is that?" The girl shrugs her

shoulder. "I guess I can live with this. I remember who I was but it is

like I am thinking about myself as a brother not me."


Eric touches her cheek. "To everyone else Joe was killed in the wreck

with his wife and daughter and you are his younger sister who was also

in the wreck and you got a huge settlement. You don't ever have to worry

about money. And you will always know who you really were."


Eric turns too walks out the door Eric looks back to Joe. "You take care

of yourself," and he closes the door behind him. Joe franticly gets up

and runs to the door swinging it open seeing Eric's is gone."


Joe screams. "Oh God please don't leave me alone I need you I don't want

to be alone anymore." Sobbing. "I've been alone for so long God please

come back Eric."


Just then Joe sees the bathroom door open and Eric steps out with

shaving cream on his face. "my heaven what is all the screaming about

going on out here. I'm just shaving my face silly I am not leaving yet."


She stands up and hugs Eric tight sobbing. "I know I was a man and I

don't care I have feeling for you I don't know why but please stay with

me. You said you're over do for a vacation well I am out of school for



Joe gets a puzzled look on her face. "School I am back in school? god

not that I hated school.? Eric smiles. "Well this time it will be easier

your more intelligent."


Joe stomps her foot. "Hey I wasn't no dummy I just had to study hard."

Eric just looks at her. "Calm down I never said you are a dummy I just

kind of improved your learning skills is all."


Joe looks sternly into Eric's eyes. "Well never mind that crap how about

it I know I still have my Harley even if it was the old me that owned

it, it's still mine."


Eric smiles. "I happen to own a Harley as well, I have wanted to go for

a long road trip for who knows since when."


He smiles at Joe well you get dressed I am going to get rid of this rug

on my face as Joe turns to go back into the room Eric swats her ass, she

turns her head and sticks her tongue out at him and slams the door shut

in his face.


He looks up with his eyes and speaks to God. "I think she is going to

adapt just fine father, it will take time but she is very strong willed

and a little on the ornery side."


He smiles. "I do like her and I definitely can tell she likes me. Maybe

I shouldn't have given her such feminine brain pattern but it might help

her adapt easer too." Eric returns to the bathroom.


Joe goes through the closet and finds a pair of worn and faded blue

jeans and puts them on noticing they are pretty tight. "Boy how you ever

wear these things Kim.'


"Because they made me look good and I like to look god for you Joey,"


Hearing Kim's voice Joe spins around seeing her lovely wife and little

girl hand in hand. Joe cries. "Is it really you." The woman nods her

head, "yes silly it is me."


Joe nervously asks. "Am I dead?" Kim just smiles. "No silly I am here to

tell you something that is all and I want you to listen good to me Ok."


Joe just nods her head. 'I want you to be happy and I know you like him

and he likes you and he is going to be good to you."


Just then Joe's little girl yells. "Daddy is going to have a baby and it

is going to be me." Joe gets on her knees. "What are you talking about

baby. Mommy said you are going to have a baby and when you do it is

going to be me." The little girls smiles big and hugs Joe tight.


Joe looks up at Kim. "What is she talking about." Kim just smiles. "Like

she said sweetie you are going to have a baby soon and it going to be



Joe just shakes her head. "I don't know anything about having a baby or

raising one." As Joe stands up Kim sees Joe with a scared and puzzled

look on her face.


Kim hugs Joe tight. "What are you talking about you were the one who

raised little May. That is why I worked and you stayed home silly you

always were a good parent. In fact that is why I loved you so much you

were more girly than a man and I loved for it."


Joe just blushes. "I guess I was pretty girly." "Well now you're a

pretty young lady so you can be as girly as you like." Hearing this Joe

sticks out her tongue. "I will pass on the girly stuff if you don't



Kim just smiles and hugs Joe really tight. "We will see but just

remember I will always be close by to help you whenever you need it."

Kim and Joe's little girl hug her tight. "We love you and Eric will be

good to you," and they both vanish before Joe's eyes.


Joe just collapses to the ground. "I love you so much Kim please don't

go away again." All the sudden Joe feels warm and calms she sits there

and smiles.



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