Year: 1900

Location: Southern Coast of Spain

Date: June 23


   Felix sat surrounded in red light. The flashing red lights indicated launch was imminent. He felt the jerk of lift as the ship started to moaned and groaned to the shift metal. He tucked the necklace under his shirt. He zipped up the leather jacket and donned his shades.

   He checked the rudders and the flaps running throught the check off in his head. The pressure was near full and there were no issues with any of the machinery.

   The sun was blinding. He just closed his eyes and let his mind wander. It wandered back to a lovely blonde haired woman. With Cynthia's dissappearance he had begun to move forward. He had no choice but to. He smiled and remembered her warm embrace. The only thing that struck him as off was the Automaton Protector she had. It seemed off. Felix was thankful she was very unknown to most of his crew or friends.

   The Lights went from red to green as the he felt the snap of the slingshot. He felt the jacket and harnesses press against his chest. He closed his eyes and pulled back on the joystick. He flipped the switch and felt the push of the steam jets. "30 minutes at the most Felix," Phoebe rang out over the intercom. "Copy that."

    He flew up and down, left and right. Banking each turn and enjoying the g-forces. He shut off the com and sailed through the clouds. The blonde girl was on his mind again. He dove the jet down, headding towards the face of a mountain. He knew Phoebe would throw a fit if he did this.


    He cut the steam jets off. Free falling, faster and faster towards the mountain face. only to pull out at the last minute. He smiled as he headed back to the ship. Hed had a date tonight.

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