Here's the link from our almighty ruler's blog post about the rules of appropriate steampunk garb:

I think that, as always, G.D. says it best. We shouldn't judge or malign someone because they don't fit in with our own particular view of our culture. A person can wear what ever color they so desire and mix and match aesthetics. And we shouldn't berate someone because they choose to wear a certain thing.

Goggles, Top Hats, Canes, Gears, and other various peacockery should be free for people to wear on their own terms. Obviously we may feel that it's stereotype to have bits to an outfit that don't particularly match, but we're all guilty of wearing them at one point or another.

What i'm trying to get at here, gents and madams, is that we should all treat each other as equals; without scorn, without judgement, without arguments and petty drama. When one member of a group acts out and scorns another, mob mentality kicks in and people get hurt. Their look or belief is just as good as yours so get along and if you can't stay away from them.

~E. Burnes

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