How to get permanent residence in Ukraine

A residence permit is the unprecedented right of an alien to stay in the country for at least a year. If this is a temporary residence permit, then, really, 1 calendar year, and if this is a permanent residence permit in Ukraine - an unlimited time with the opportunity to work.
As for the grounds, in fact, they must be observed in order to obtain permission to immigrate to Ukraine. After all, only the availability of this document allows you to obtain permanent residence.
How to get permanent residence
Depending on which category of foreigners a particular person belongs to, it can obtain a permanent residence permit either by quota or mandatory.
According to the quota (that is, it is not guaranteed, if the established number of people this year has already received permanent residence), foreigners who can:
• fled to Ukraine and lived here for 3 years;
• already had citizenship of Ukraine;
• have relatives on the first line who have previously obtained permanent residence;
• very important scientists or cultural figures for the country.
If legalization is necessary for the restoration of the family, the foreigner is guaranteed to receive a permanent residence permit in Ukraine.
As for the documents, their list is very large and depends on the grounds for obtaining permanent residence. Required will be
• 8 photos;
• passport (notarized copy + copy in Ukrainian),
• Permit for immigration,
• a document confirming the grounds for legalization,
• certificate of good conduct,
• medical service,
• a receipt for payment of state duty, etc.
Addressing to the lawyers of our company for assistance in the issue of legalization, the latter will collect on behalf of the client all the papers, and the list, as you can see, is considerable. Further, lawyers will submit a package of documents - first to obtain permission for immigration, and then to obtain permanent residence. Lawyers guarantee a positive solution of the issue within the agreed time.

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