Literature review refers to an academic paper composed of the current knowledge like substantive findings and the different theories and methodologies related to a particular topic.

A literature review is critical as it identifies the information other researchers have used in similar or related studies. The review allows you to see what was previously done, and where the researchers succeeded and where they failed. It shows your understanding of the subject you are writing on. The different parts of literature review should be written in the following ways:

  • The introduction

In the introduction, explain the main problem and identify the relevance of that subject to the study. Additionally, you have to explain what has previously been done on the subject. State the controversies associated with those previous studies about their assumptions and conclusions. The introduction also provides the history of the survey.

At the end of the conclusion, you have to state your thesis statement. This statement serves as a summary of this research. The end of the introduction may also include the importance of review findings and how they will affect the research.

  • The body

The body of the literature review is mainly divided into headings and subheadings. The body goes through the existing level of knowledge about the research topic. The major themes and topics of the study are also covered in the body. The findings which other researchers may have agreed or disagreed on are also included in the body.

The body of the literature review should go through studies related to the topic, previously done by other researchers. You should be able to summarize these studies by stating how they were carried out and their findings. You should explain the importance of the results of these studies and how they relate to your research.

By going through the various studies, the body of the literature reviews plays a significant role in pinpointing the major strengths and flaws of these studies. You should show how these studies have failed to address the topic you are covering. You should determine the primary cause of failure such as the methodology used among others.

If the review is an introduction and supports your research project, it should justify your study. Therefore, the review should only discuss matters related to your study. It would make no sense to discuss anything else that does not support or relate to your research project.

  • The conclusion

The summary of your literature review should summarize all of the information presented and also show its importance. It should also mention the gaps left by other studies and how your study seeks to fill these shortcomings. It should also state the practical application of the theory, the implications and areas for future research.

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