"J'ai la post." Said Dominique as she strolled up to the captain. We had struck gold (literally) in China's Szechuan province and had stopped to use some of it on good food and drink. Sitting back, enjoying a glass of water after her stomach full of spicy squid, Charlotte took the letter from the gunner's hand and exchanged a humorous look with Arabella. Ara, who sat on her right side, watched her opening it between glancing around when there was a loud noise or a funny joke. Charlotte's eyes moved slowly across the page and down as she read.

"What's happened?" Asked Ara. The captain's stare popped up out of deep concentration.

"What? Nothing for now. We'll discuss it later." She replied. "It's from Captain Alfonso of The Monstro." Ara flicked her eyes from the now folded letter to Charlotte's face as she tucked it away in the breast of her jacket.
"Am I supposed to know who that is?" She asked her captain.
"I said we'll talk about it later."
"You're WRong! You're wrong wrong wrong!" Everyone's head turned to the end of the table where Raphael was standing and pointing spitefully at Roderick.
"Call me a relativist but I honestly do believe it is up to the human being."replied Roderick as he took a neat bite of beef and bell pepper.
"But it is not relative!" Raph leaned on the table when Natalie tugged on his black shirt.
"Raph, sit down. You're being over the top for dinner conversation." She lectured him.
"I'm not being over the top. We having a philosophical debate on morals and society!" He said sitting back in his chair and shaking his head, grumbling as he scooped a chopstick full of rice into his mouth. And everyone went back to eating.

"Hey, Jon pass the noodles,"
"How about I pass you a life?"
"Come to think of it, why don't you pass your mother's **** as well. It's my favorite dish even though it's real common."
Yes, everything was back to normal. The crew's banter was back up and running, no one had even mentioned David or any o the missing persons until,

"So I finally have a way to et back at David and their new crew. Laz has been spying for me and Emerald has been smuggling on the dawn rider.She'll be meeting us in France." Said Captain Bennett. Ara stopped eating and looked around the table, everyone smiling and laughing, drawing weapons on eachother jokingly with no intention of firing after witty banter. She looked back to the Captain.
"Cap'n," she started, "Do you think," they locked eyes for a few long seconds, trying to read each other before Ara turned back to the feast. "Nevermind," she blurred out quickly before biting a piece of chicken. She pretended not to notice Charlotte staring at her as she continued to eat.
"Are you sure?" The Captain asked,
"Yeah," replied Ara. When everyone was full, they had it all wrapped up to go and ordered more take away before Charlotte pressed a gun into the waitress' stomach, demanding the feast be free. The shaking woman bowed and stepped back as the crew left.

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