Lady Brielle Presents the Story of her life, THus Far

Hello! My name is Lady Brielle, although according to my parents I should drop the Lady from that. I don’t think it’s my fault that they had unreasonable expectations of what my life should look like! They had been unreasonably restrictive since I was of a young age-Ladies do this and Ladies do that, and Ladies most certainly do NOT do that! I’m actually quite decent at most of the trappings of being a lady, but the fact is that I’ve always wanted MORE than getting married and having babies. I’ve always wanted to see the world and help people! My parents were an arranged marriage, and although they get along quite comfortably, who wants only that? I want adventure! I want to help people! Wild passion and romance!-excuse me. I have some rather girlish ideals of the world sometimes J


Anyways, since I was little, our family knew another family and they had a boy just a few years older than me. It was always assumed and expected that we would get married. The problem is, marrying this fellow has the following problems:

A.)Remember how I said we’ve known this family since we were little? Yeah. He was always like an annoying older brother. Help me, but I can’t have romance with someone that put bugs down my training corset as a little girl and that I have known through all his and mine awkward phases!

B.) Said boy expects his wife to stay at home and have babies. There are airships! Adventure! WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD I WANT TO MISS ALL THAT THIS INSPIRING TECHNOLOGICAL AGE HAS TO OFFER? I do want babies, and a husband, but I want to adventure around the Aether first, and perhaps have a husband that would rather adventure around on his airship rather than hide on his estate with a bunch of stuffy servants and  our parents who certainly would not stop telling us how to behave.


So, as you see, I couldn’t have any of that! Thankfully, my parents sent me to university to major in Domestic Arts (that’s a degree? Really?), rather than finishing school. This meant that I had the chance to achieve the biggest coup of my life so far-instead of studying Domestic Arts, I studied Nursing, Medicine, and SteamBiology. When I graduated, this meant I had the skills needed to get on an airship in a respectable manner, and get far, far, far away from any designs my parents and Phillip-my-fiance had on me. I haven’t talked to them since I left one night, taking a bag of clothes and my medic kit, and it IS rather lonely. Thankfully, I have met some astounding people on my adventures since, and hopefully shall continue to do so!

-Lady Brielle

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Comment by Arabella Porter on December 28, 2013 at 2:52pm

sing it girl! List em' out!! woo!

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