Lotus of the Stars is officially published!

I am so excited to finally have this book available. It was a 3 year process, with a move to New Mexico and some health issues thrown in. But it's finally done!

Here's the synopsis:


Edda Kareana is tired of fighting.

Humanity survives in a handful of communes spread across the equator. Orbital debris rains down on the land, furthering the destruction of the environment, and remaining cities. Some are blessed with a Meta, and each is trained to use their psychic or telekinetic abilities to continue human existence. In the city of Padmanastra, Edda struggles with her social niche, her position as diplomatic aid, the disheartening attempts at raids on her city, the falling objects, and her own chaotic and confusing meta abilities. "Useless" Edda finds herself at the heart of an extremely important, and previously ignored, scientific mission to discover the true danger of the falling objects. With the help of a former raider named Hyon, and her cadon Kurokuro, she ventures out with scientists and other Metas, only to uncover an entirely Earth-bound obstacle to the survival of dwindling Humanity."

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