Misadventures of a Monster Hunter: Episode 3: Sleepy Tree

"Papa, who was that?" Alicia asked as he carried her.

"That was Liza Richmont. One of the most dangerous hunters out there," he explained as they walked along the road. "We have to find mom before she does." Alicia nodded and hid in his shoulder from the wind. Jacob started scanning the sides of the road for a place to rest.

Liza sat at the bar and sipped her ale. She had confidence that Rolof, while brutal in his methods, would finish the job and bring her the girl.

The priest opened his new package, and reveled in the sight of his new weapon.

Jacob glanced up to the full moon. "Damnit," he muttered under his breath. He noticed a tall tree a few yards from the road. Waking his daughter "Alicia dear, I'm going to need you to hide in this tree," he insisted while walking to the tree. A howl pierced the air as Alicia climbed the tree. "I'll come back for you dear."

He pulled the gas mask over his face, the moon reflecting on the lenses. He heard the rustle of grass next to him as he stood there. "3...2...1..." The beast jumped at him. "NOW!" He quickly rolled forward. The sound of metal bouncing on the ground was drowned out by a loud roar. The beast stood int front of him, its fur glistening in the moonlight. As it raised one of its giant paws, the air exploded with light.

Jacob quickly jumped towards the beast, and latched onto it. He drew his knife and lunged it into the beast's chest. It roared and threw Jacob into the tree. The beast let out screams pain as it tried to pull the knife out.

"Good luck with that," Jacob groaned, out of breath. He had his pistol drawn and had taken aim at the beast. In one resounding shot the beast collapsed and started transforming. The husk of Rolof just sat there.

"Liza," he stated, gripping the handle of his knife and positioning his boot on Rolof's chest. "Why must so many die at your hands?" The cracking of ribs filled the air as he pulled the knife from Rolof's chest. He wiped the blood and bits of lung and bone off the barbed edge of the knife.

"Alicia! You can come down now!" He crooned and caught his daughter from her jump. He carried her till they found another tree, where they stopped for the night.

To be continued...

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