Misadventures of a Monster Hunter: Episode 4: Morning Madness

Liza sat perched on the roof of the bar, watching the sunrise. Its warm beams clearing the slight fog. She shivered from the cold morning air. "Rolof isn't back. Useless mutt," she fumed to herself. "This is going to be harder than I thought," she said as she slid down the thatch roof. She landed squarely on the ground and brushed off the dirt.

The priest arose from his slumber in a cold sweat. "Damn nightmares! Always the same damn thing," he yelled at the ceiling. It was always the same nightmare, a little girl destroying an entire village for food, for blood. The houses burning, villagers running and screaming, and people dying. The slaughter continuing till mid morning, the sunlight not affecting the beast. "The perfect specimen" The priest muttered to himself as he dressed. He made sure to grab the new weapon before heading out to meet Liza.

"I take it your beast failed?" The priest asked the annoyed woman.

"What do you think?" She snapped at him. She pulled out a small rectangular tin. She yanked out a cigarette and lit up.

"He killed the werewolf? Wasn't he one of the bigger ones too?" The priest asked in disbelief

"Um, yeah," Liza said as she kicked a rock.

The priest gulped.

"Let's find the body" She said as she started walking in the last known direction of Rolof.

Jacob woke up as sunbeams danced on his face. Alicia kicked a little in his arms. "Wake up, hon," he insisted as he attempted to wake her. She yawned, stretched, then rolled over. Jacob chuckled at her.

He stretched and took out his pack. "Time to inventory," he mumbled as he rummaged through the pack. "Food...water...bullets..." He rambled on for a bit, "Koli knife...bowie knife...six holy grenades...one, two, three flash grenades. So I only need three new grenades. Good," he said as he put everything in its place. He took a moment to look at the Koli knife.

The blade looked like any other serrated knife,but it was leathal.   Tiny hooks composed the serrations that would rip and viciously cut whatever it pierced. Jacob thought about his old master, Koli, and how he developed this sickly weapon. Some day I will earn his sword, Jacob thought. He looked at his daughter after he packed his bag.

"Wake up, hon. We need to hit the road," he insisted.


To be continued...

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