Misadventures of a Monster Hunter: Episode 5: Monster Hunt?

Jacob and Alicia reached the next town at nightfall. The two managed to get through the gates before they sealed for the night. The two managed to find an inn with an open room.

Jacob and his daughter ate a hearty meal when he noticed a poster on the wall:


 We we welcome you to  

    join in the annual       

  Ridgestone Monster      


{Please ask inn owner for 


"Hmmmmm you see that Alicia?" He pointed out the poster to her, "looks like we could make some extra money."

Alicia just smiled as she ate.

The next morning Jacob discussed the hunt application with the inn keeper. All he had to do was pay the 500 francs and sign release forms.Jacob shook the mans hand and headed off to the town hall, with Alicia in tow.

He reached the town hall to find a few other hundred hunters there, all with weapons and traps of every shape and size. "Looks like we have some real competition huh?" he joked with Alicia, who was now sitting on his shoulders. He took the papers over to the registration desk. He was given his badge and scorecard. "Well I wonder what will happen next?" He asked Alicia, she shrugged and scanned the crowd.

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