Motivation Hacks That Will Increase Your Productivity

Most times, we can’t tell how productive we are or can become, because we lack the right motivation. One common thing with people who have become successful in their various science fields is their productivity. As a matter of fact, if you’re not productive, you can’t be classed as successful. But behind every success story, there is motivation. Here are quick motivation hacks to help you become more productive with whatever you do.

  1. Avoid Distractions

There are many things that distract us individually, things like email or social media and phone notifications, TV series, family and friends etc. We all have these things around us and they sometimes take a lot of our time. It might seem reasonable to give these things attention but they still constitute hindrance to accomplishment of our daily tasks. One habit of highly successful people is that, they learn to stay clear of distractions. This will help you to remain focused on your task and as well give you ample time to accomplish it.

You must also learn to say “no” whenever you already have enough unfinished tasks. You can’t take on every job. Have a to-do list and put your tasks in order of their priority. Neglect the urge to take on other things, until you’re done with the ones at hand. It helps to keep you focused.

  1. Do Not Multitask

It’s easy and tempting to think that your brain works like a computer and can therefore perform several tasks at the same time. Performing more than one task at a time actually reduces your focus on each one. It distracts you from each task because your mind is divided. It reduces the level of productivity you get from each task. While it is possible to have many tasks at hand to complete, it’s better to take them one at time. You can list them in order of priority and follow that order. This helps to increase your productivity on each task, rather than doing everything at once and getting less.

  1. Don’t Start with the Simple Tasks

This might sound weird, especially when you think you can easily take out the simpler ones and you’ll have lesser jobs to do. The problem here is that; when you get to the tougher ones and there’s a little challenge with accomplishing it, you get easily discouraged. You might even give yourself a false sense of accomplishment because of the easy tasks you completed.

Starting with the harder tasks has a reverse effect. You can’t be discouraged at just your first task. You’re automatically motivated to accomplish that first task. Accomplishing this hard one consequently gives you motivation to do others. This way you’ll get all your works done without having to postpone the harder ones for future dates.

  1. Set Achievable Goals

Its deception if you think that you can motivate yourself with mountain-looking goals. “If you don’t get stuck on your way up, you’ll remain at the base. That’s the saying we use a lot here,” – says Emily Blanchet, the head office manager at the best essay writing service reviews. “Breaking the goals into rather smaller, realistic and relevant goals will help you to get the job done. Each one you achieve is motivation to do another. That really helped me, when I was checking review, the last from the batch I had to go through”.

  1. Defeat That Mental Block

Mental blocks can be quite annoying. It makes you feel like you really can’t do anything. Imagine trying to answer a simple question and you seem stuck. You don’t know how to go about it. At this point, you’re tempted to put yourself under immense pressure in order to break that cycle, but it doesn’t solve anything. The more pressure you put on yourself, the worse it becomes. The best way to come out of such mental block is to relax, be calm, take a deep breath, and relieve yourself of pressure. Then try to view things from a different perspective, see things from another angle. This works just fine.

  1. Work Within a Time Limit

For many people, working under pressure is a significant way of increasing productivity. When you know you have a time frame to work with or a time to beat, it keeps you focused on the task at hand. Just the way assignment writing help won’t joke with deadlines, you should ensure you keep to time too. You can choose to set a timer for the work and race against the time. It makes you more productive.

  1. Create More Time to Read

Having the kind of attitude that makes you eager to learn new things everyday will keep you high on the productivity scale. Taking time out to read literature relating to you personally or professionally can help you increase your existing skills, as much as you learn new ones. This keeps you sharp ad productive.

  1. Be Accountable to Someone

It might be your personal project, but telling someone or a group of people about it goes a long way in helping you achieve your goals. Telling people gives you a sense of responsibility and accountability about the project at hand. These people might serve as a form of motivation for you directly or indirectly. They can provide pep talks, ideas and suggestions that would help you with the task. The fact that you have told them about the task will inspire you to complete it because your pride is at stake.

  1. Always See the Big Picture First

The big picture is the main goal, what you are driving at, the reason you are involved in the various things that you are doing. Putting this before you every time helps to keep you motivated. This works well if the goal is a long-term goal. Motivation might be lost after some time, but putting this big goal before you will help to reshape your focus. An example is a student working towards distinction in a four-year course. That’s quite a long time and motivation might be scarce at some point, but having the big picture in mind will always keep such student on track.

  1. Take a Walk Regularly

Regular walk will help to energize you as well as increase your productivity. Apart from energizing you, taking a walk for about 15 minutes every evening is a good way to cool your head off the day’s stress. This helps you to refocus on the needful.


Motivation is the key to success. The most successful men are the most motivated ones. The hacks discussed here, if diligently followed, will keeps you motivated, and help you to be successful scientist.

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