Good fellows & Ladies--

I have been away for the season but I am returning with hopefully happy news. Although my current London publisher will not be bringing out my second volume of Kiy's adventures, an American based publisher will be-- Details will be forthcoming as soon as an agreement is finalized--

However, this new publisher will insist that I step, ever so gingerly, into the aether's most dark world of infernalism (Social Media)

I will confess that I know nothing of it but I have spoken to trusted fellow steampunkers & I am now confident. Volume Two is in the publishers hands & Volume Three is almost ready to leave my drawing table. Volume Four is being laid-out as we speak--

Thank you for your support

Neko Zujihan


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Comment by P. Aloysius Regnad on October 14, 2018 at 7:52pm

      Congratulations, and good luck.  I see you feel the same way about "that stuff" as I do.  I'd have to find someone to handle it for me by proxy.  Once again, I wish you luck with it.

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