I left the ship at a middle size airport, dragging my suitcase along, hoping to by chance find someone who needed a medic. I don’t particularly look the part, everything about the way I’m dressed screams “highborn lady who hasn’t worked a day in her life”, because I haven’t had the chance to get clothes befitting the active lifestyle inherent of airships. I first meandered into a teashop with an automaton/human hybrid who was ever so sweet and made sure I got a nice, quiet moment to myself. This still didn’t fix the problem that I was jobless, homeless, and had had an all around horrible day. Wandering about, I came across a sign that said “the Rejected Gear”. I thought to myself, “Rejected Gear,how fitting, that’s about how I feel right now” And walked in. I was greeted by a fellow by the name of Felix, who owns the bar and an airship. He is a very peculiar and interesting fellow. He gave me some green drink(I later found out it was absinthe) and while I most definitely forgot about my problems, I also became a giggling, blushing fooll! Thankfully, Felix is a gentleman, and made sure that I not only got lodging, but also got to it safely.

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