Upon walking into the bar after finding myself work at a medic outsourcing center, I laid eyes upon someone from my past. I was terrified-I knew my parents would send someone to find me, but I didn’t guess how fast. Sizing him up and writing a note to Felix should I be abducted, I talked to the man, Sir Fergus Flynn Esquire, and soon found out that not only was he not here to abduct me, but running away from political intrigue back from home. We chatted for awhile, and I met the other bartender, Ara, who is very sweet and funny and signed me up to be the medic on her ship for awhile. We talked about my noble background and how it was miserable, and pirates and how to deal with roguish men. On the note of Felix….he is very interesting. I don’t know much about whats going on(yet) but the man definitely has a lot of dark secrets. He took off his shirt(which scandalized me) and the man is absolutely covered in scars. He apparently actually dies quite regularly….I don’t know what to make of it all. He had me inject him with some radioactive looking purple liquid, and when  I did….his eyes became inhuman for a moment. He confuses me, interests me, and sometimes even scares me a little. One moment he is happy, bartending, laughing and joking with his patrons and the next he is brooding and speaking vaguely of stories he does not seem to want to remember.The SkyCaptain is one I will have to keep my watch on….

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