Upon graduating from University, I needed to make a plan fast…the wedding was scheduled for one week from graduation! I spent three days carefully planning, gathering what I needed-two corsets, A few dresses, blouses, skirts and under things for clothes, my boots, my medic kit, some money and a few personal articles. Two nights before the wedding, I slipped out in the middle of the night to find the nearest airport. I took my steam powered bike, really more of a scooter, so it technically wasn’t stealing.


When I got to the port it  was utter chaos. A friendly airship captain captivated me, and being inexperience I was thrilled when he wanted me to join his ship. Turns out-it was a pirate ship. Being so sheltered my whole life up until this point, I was shocked, I was a bit terrified, but somehow…I also found myself extremely excited and eager to learn about this side of life. I drank rum with them(not so much as they thought, I am a lightweight and learned to just sip it very quickly as I had to be ready for any injuries which might occur!!), I had a flirtation with the captain who was hell bent on claiming me(he was a very forward but charming and entertaining fellow), as well as most of the rest of the crew being interested to some degree or other..I guess that’s what happens when there is only one woman aboard a ship full of men! I honed my craft, as I never knew people who got injured more often-it was not a day that went by that anything from a splinter to a stab wound, gunshot wound, slashing or full on amputation happened, and I had not a single man die-although there were more than one close calls. Eventually, the constant fighting, raiding, and rum drinking caught up to me, and overwhelmed and terrified-of what, I don’t know. Perhaps that they wouldn’t let me go, perhaps that I wouldn’t be able to get another job, perhaps that I was gasp ruined for polite society after having been a pirate ship medic, I said my see-you-laters(Everyone seems to bump into each other at one port or another), and left to my next set of adventures.

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