Publishing Warning - Austin-Macauley Of London / NYC

As warning to my fellow authors, be advised that engaging with my former publisher, Austin-Macauley (London / NYC)  should be AVOIDED at all costs.  (Since the costs will all be yours)

Not only does their Editing Department move in geological time, the Royalty Department is equally negligent & lethargic.  Without committing the gauche act of directly divulging details... Please know that they make every effort to delay, withhold & deny, any payment for as long as possible.

Know also that they make no effort, of any substance, to promote any book in their keeping.  Unless some extra & exorbitant fee is paid.  If your work is at all unusual or out of the mainstream...  They will hold publicity for it hostage.  They may, inconceivably...  Attempt to "bury" any work that does not hold sway with their company's social agenda.

Again, I can only speak from personal experience...  But let my words serve as caution to you all--

Neko Zujihan

Now with Ravenswood Publishing - N.Carolina

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