Have you ever wondered why this is the world we live in? This is a question I ask myself everyday, but every time I think of an answer, it is disproved by reality. Then one day, I found my answer...

I walked through the hallways of the school I attended, Victorian High, it wasn't a big school, but it held enough students to stay active. One of my friends walked in front of me and cut me off, "I think I finally figured out the problem with the steam skeleton!" He whispered in excitement.

The Steam Skeleton, was some sort of suit that was supposed to amplify the physical abilities of anyone who wore it. I was skeptical of the idea, especially since if he actually got it to work, who would he test it on. I shook my head, "What makes this any different from the last time you figured out the problem?"

He didn't answer me immediately, "I think it is best that you see for yourself, it is hard to explain through words." He started walking towards the exit. He didn't ever ditch class unless it was seriously important, so I decided to follow him to wherever he was going. It was the first time that I was going to see the 'Steam Skeleton' outside of the occasional drawing that he showed me. When we got out into the street, there was a sizable amount of cars going past the school.

"That's unusual," I looked at Kyle, and shrugged, "How long do you think it will take for these cars to go away?"

"Not long," he said as he put his hand on my back, "I'm sorry about this by the way."

"About-" before I could finish, he pushed me out into the street, and I was struck by a car. I felt my body become weightless as I flew through the air. I knew I was going to die here, there was nothing else in my mind. I had so many regrets, and things that I wanted to do. I closed my eyes, and figured out the answer to my never ending question. 'Why do we live in this world?' I knew the answer, but couldn't think or voice it. Ironic isn't it, to know the answer to something, but not be able to tell the world. Suddenly the world around me became black. I could hear ticking and tocking, as if a clock was going. Pain rushed through my body, then nothing. No sound, no pain... just nothing. There was a light in front of me. I chuckled, "A light at the end of the tunnel, how nice." 

Now isn't your time, A loud booming voice told me, Return to the world that you belong to.

I saw the light begin to fade, and suddenly the pain and sounds returned. I opened my eyes, and saw steam billowing above me. I screamed in agony, "Kyle!" it was the only thing I could say. He put me through this pain, I don't know how he did it, but he did. 

The pain stopped, but the ticking and tocking remained. He felt the restraints on his body leave him. and sat up. His vision was blurred at first, but then it quickly turned back to normal. It felt like something was on his face, so he felt it. There were some type of goggles attached, and he couldn't pull them off.

"How do you feel?" I heard Kyle ask. I turned to see the blonde haired cur. I got off the operating table and grabbed him by the neck, and lifted him with ease.

"How do you think I feel you friking shite!" I applied pressure to his neck.

"If it wasn't for me..." he sputtered, "you'd be dead!"

"If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have been at risk!" I heard the noise get louder and faster, as if amplified by my emotions. My strength started becoming greater, and it felt too easy to break his neck, but I didn't. I wanted him to feel so much pain, that he'd be begging for death. I threw him onto the table, and strapped him in. "Now, you'll know what true pain feels like." I grabbed what looked like an automatic saw, and placed it on his arm. It took a few minutes to modify it, so that it would slowly cut his arm off. I turned it on, and walked away, smiling at the screams of pain behind me.

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