Rococo Punk "Less Steampunk, more cake"

Some of us, if not all, have at least heard about the new craze running rampant through our community: Rococo Punk. But what is it exactly?

Rococo Punk is classified as a punk out take on the Renaissance era, primarily in the high-class French community of the time. Or, as one blog put it, "Less Steampunk, more cake." They find outlandish make up and hairstyles and recreate them to add to effect. They take bolder chances with their outfits. But what remains of Steampunk in this? Well... everything. They still have pirate jackets, still have corsets, still make everyone do double takes as they walk down the streets. (Oh wait I take back the everything, they don't have a fascination with wearing goggles and gears at inappropriate times)

Technically this isn't new. Rococo punk has been around since the early 80's, though at that time the style was categorized as "New Romantic." 

Artists such as Adam and the Ants have been toting the fashion around and making it known through their music. Rococo Punk (Aka New Romantic) has even been featured on The X Factor by the artist known as "Prince Poppycock."

I give props to these guys. They said "Enough of the brown, black, creams, useless goggles, and idiotic gears" they brought color and punk back into their wardrobe. I know I for one have always touted those ideas. And whilst I'm not exactly either of the two fashions completely (i'm multi-cultural and cross-era Steampunk), I think that both carry great ideas and fashion.

Comment your thoughts below. Would you go Coocoo for Rococo? (I know, that was a terrible pun)

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