Year: 1899

Location: London, England

Date: December 14


      Sarah walked down the street, the snow was was dancing in the air. She picked up the pace as she tracked through the back alleys. The stranger following her picked up his pace also. She rounded a corner and pressed her body against the wall. She waited for him to round the corner. He rounded the corner with pistol in hand. 

Quickly she wrapped her arm around the stalker's throat. She jammed a knife into his heart with her free hand, she held the body till it went limp, then gently laid it on the ground. She continued her walk down the back alleys till she reached a plain wooden door. A soft orange glow emanated from the cracks. She knocked three times on the door and slid behind it.

She approached the bar and took a seat in the middle. A rather average looking woman approached her and took a seat. She inched the stool closer to Sarah's and slid her hands on Sarah's thigh. "I'm glad you stopped by."

Sarah smiled and scanned the area. There were a handful of people in the club all captured in their own devices. The two smiled at each other, Sarah leaned in and gave her a deep passionate kiss. She smiled, and the two started heading towards the stairs holding hands. When they reached the room Sarah had barely closed the door before she had her partner pressed up against it. She flicked off the lights before a wave of passion took her over.

The next morning Sarah woke up holding her partner close between her bosom. "So hon, have you heard anything new in the underground." 

"Nothing yet ma cherie," Abigail said playing with Sarah's hair. 

"Please keep me posted," Sarah warmly replied as she kissed Abby's forehead.

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