Settling in, Growing up, Getting what I wished for, and Regrets

Apologies, it has been a while, but I have been so very busy settling into my new life! Many things have happened since I last posted....firstly, on the professional front, Felix has offered me a position aboard his ship as a medic. He can take pretty good care of himself and his crew on that front, but he seems to believe that he will die and leave his dear crew alone and that they will need someone to take care of them. I cannot think of anyone more woefully unprepared to do that, as if that happens the lack of a proper Captain would be far more of a problem than lack of medical care but it seems to be important to him and I do need to feel as though I am earning my keep to stay at the Rejected Gear.

On a less professional front, I do believe I am also settling in quite nicely. Not to say it hasn't been a bumpy ride, as it has, and the bumps seem to just keep on coming! I have quite a few good friends....dear Ara and I get along smashingly and she has been quite...educational. Causing a few blushing fits of course but all information I had been woefully uneducated about even if perhaps a different word choice at times would have been less distressing to my ladylike sensibilities. One of these days....we are going to go to quite the party. One of these days.....

My old family friend Fergus has been through quite the loop as well, but I am happy to see a familiar face amongst all the new ones. He is a bit damaged from some recent events, but the Captain on the new ship he has been frequenting on his quest for powerful crystals seems to be quite good for him. I am anxiously waiting and watching to see what happens with them.

Felix. Dear, complicated, wonderful, frustrating Felix. One moment I am melting like a schoolgirl(making up for lost time...never got to experience such emotions while I WAS a schoolgirl), the next I do declare he could use quite a smack! Much of it is due to emotional damage inflicted over the years, but I have a feeling a small part of it is just his roguish nature. All that being said...he is always protective of me no matter what, and cares to the point that he does some rather foolish things to his health in the name of keeping me safe. He is certainly not boring, so I suppose I got what I wished for, if in an unexpected way. He pushes me to be less proper which is difficult but I think I have been doing quite well adapting.

Sometimes I share a room with him, even if nothing untoward happens. I get so lonely...when I lived at home I shared a room with my sister. My one regret about my escape is that I could not take her along with me when I left, the marriage was moving forward too quickly to take the time to plan to take her. I hope she is doing well, one day I will have to go back and see her, and perhaps even rescue her if she does not devise her own ingenious method of getting what she wants-she is far more plucky than I ever was. That will have to wait until I get married or ruined beyond my parents wanting me back...although then, it is unlikely they would allow me to call upon them. Some discretion might be necessary. I might need to write my sister using our childhood code and see what she is up to....anyways, I have been babbling along quite long enough. I will write again as more adventures happen. Hugs and kisses to all!

-Lady Brielle

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