Southern Spain(A Collaborative piece.)

Year: 1903

Location: Southern Beaches of Spain, near Cartagena

Dates: July 21-24

     After half a day of sailing the skies and Brielle sleeping through most of it. He woke her up from and told her to prepare for landing. She just laid there in bed after he walked away. There was a loud scream from below as the ship hit the water.  Felix moored the ship and began to lock up hatches. Brielle surfaced to see the evening sun. She was all dressed up in a white top, a red corset, and a long flowing silk skirt. The skirt revealed her heels. Felix smiled at her beauty but shook his head in disbelief, "You have no Idea how to dress for ship board life, do you?" She stuck her tongue out at him as she waited off to the side. Felix went below for a few minutes and returned with a pack and a rifle. He lowered the dinghy into the water, "After you," gesturing to the ladder, Brielle took his lead.

     Brielle was almost to the ladder when she tripped and her bag went overboard, landing next to the boat. She would have plummetted along with them if Felix hadn't grabbed the back of her corset. There was the a sound of ripping fabric. When he pulled her back up she noticed that the corset and skirt were ripped. She had a mortified look on her face. Holding up a key, "Go get dressed in my room I have a couple pieces of form fitting clothing. I will get your clothes." After about fifteen minutes Felix had the now ruined clothes laid out and drying in the sun. Brielle returned wearing one of Felix's white shirts over black form fitting shirt and shorts. The shirt was obviously too big for her. She was mortified at the site of the ruined dresses. "Come on," Felix had disappeared down the ladder as she sulkingly climbed down. "They are just dresses," while rowing them to the shore, "they can be replaced." Brielle just pouted and looked out at the water as the shore got closer.

     They finally reached the shore, Felix jumped out first and pulled the boat up to the shore. "Careful, let me help you," he offered his hand as she tried to stand up. "I can do it!" She snapped at him before she took one step forward and then splash! She let out a frustrated scream when she surfaced. Felix just chuckled a bit and helped her up. 

     A few hours later they had a hammock and a campfire built. Brielle had finally dried off. "I'm hungry," her stomach rumbled. "I'll go find it," Felix took his rifle and headed off to the the dunes. After an hour and a few blod curling screams Felix had two rabbits. Brielle burst into tears at the sight of the dead rabbits. "Do you want dinner?" Felix said as he skinned them. She buried her face in the shirt and let out more sobs. After she was able to compose herself some, she chimed in, "Those aren't food, those are pets!" "Well they are tasty pets then." Felix said as he cut off chunks of rabbit into a pot of water as she broke down into sobs again. He put the pot on the fire and after awhile the smell of rabbit stew filled the air. Her stomach growled a little louder while Felix was having a bowl. "You should eat," he said between bites. She shook her head back and forth in a 'no' gesture, her stomach growled and she looked at Felix's bowl of soup with wide eyes. Felix poured her a bowl, "Eat up." She crossed her arms and looked away when he put the bowl in front of her. The second Felix turned his back She took a bite and smiled at the taste, she quickly ate as much as she could while he wasn't looking. Felix just chuckled and took his bag. 

     "Where are you going?" She asked a bit of worry on her face. "Just on top of the dune," nonchalantly walking away tot he nearby dune. "Alright..." She said quietly, she wrapped herself in the blanket near the hammock. 

     Felix was sitting cross legged on a mat on top of the dune. He was working on his rifle when he caught movement out of the corner of his eye. "Yes Brielle?" he asked without taking his eyes off his gun. "Its cold. and I'm all alone," she took a seat next to him. She leaned her head on him. He finished up cleaning the gun and set it next to him. She scooted closer to him when she felt his arm around her. "I must look like a mess right now," she looked down and ran her fingers through her hair. Felix brushed the stray hairs out of her face, "You look better with all that make up on and your hair looks nice down," he smiled at her as she let out a contented sigh. 

     The rest of that night was spent with Felix pointing out stars and constellations to Brielle the next day was spent having fun on the beach swimming and Felix teaching Brielle how to hold the rifle. Felix smiled when she ended up passing out in a chair on the Alicia Grey. He chuckled and moved her to her bed.

     The night they returned to the gear, there was a man sitting in the far corner of the gear.

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