Stars Above the Clouds. (A collaborative piece.)

Year: 1903

Location: Adolphus's Dock, London.

Date: July 16

       Felix and Brielle arrived at the grey after a ten minute cab ride. She followed him down the pier to what looked like a sailing ship. He pulled out a remote as the bridge extended from the ship to the dock. They quickly walked up the bridge and  down to the lower decks. They approached Felix's quarters. The mahogany desk stood near the windows on the back. He set his bag down an took a seat behind the desk. 

       He pulled out a bottle of wine. "I always keep the best here," He pours two glasses. "Take a seat," Gesturing to the seat in front of the desk. Brielle takes a seat where Felix motioned, taking the glass of wine. She looks around Felix's quarters, taking in the view out the windows.

       "It's very lovely." She remarks as she takes a sip of the wine. "This is very lovely too!" She smiles at Felix warmly. "Thank you for showing me. I've been wondering what your ship looks like for a long time."

       "It is my pleasure. I figured you should see the ship you are enlisted on," he sips the wine. "This batch is a personal favorite, only fifty bottles were made. I got one of the last one as a gift from an old friend." Felix put the bottle up and turned to look out the window. "The view is better from the sky," He finished his wine and out the glass back in his desk. "Excuse me fore a moment," He said leaving the cabin and faint footsteps echoed from the hallway. 

       In a few short moments afterwards the ship lurched forward. The faint sound of water lapping against the ship becoming more noticeable. The sound of an inflating balloon filled the air. "Miss Serra Please turn your attention to the window," come over the box above the door. Brielle looks around with a start and then follows orders and looks out the window. She notices the ground getting further from the ship and stands up to investigate closer. As she stands the ship gives a small lurch and she stumbles slightly, before making her way to the window. She holds on tight to the windowsill, eyes wide as the ground shrinks before her. The City lights replaced with cloud cover. "Brielle, come to the top deck."

       She approached the top deck to the balloons and nothing but stars. She looked around and upon spotting Felix, walked over to stand beside him. "This is really something else. It is so beautiful and peaceful up here..." She lapsed into contemplative silence, staring out into the night sky. He wrapped his arm abound her. "So after a lot of though I have given it some thought." He turns to face her and looks deeply in her eyes. Brielle looks back into Felix's eyes, bewilderment evident in her expression. "What have you been giving thought, Felix?" He paused for a moment, "I don't want you as a crew member," She stomped her foot in protest, Felix put his fingers over her lips before she could speak. "I want you as more than just a crew member," he leaned in and kissed her. Her body stiffens in shock before relaxing into the kiss. Felix pulls away and she blushes deeply. She stammers, "Oh….I didn't know kissing could be like this!" He smiled at her before he kissed her again, this time their silhouettes fading into the distance with the ship.

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