Steampunk props: #2 - Replica gaming (gambling) items.

      OK, once one has decent replica coins and currency, one needs a way to spend it, right?  So what better way than to plunk it down on the poker, faro, blackjack, or craps table!  (At least in the Wild Steampunk West, where my CR&A character lives.)  So that means playing cards, and dice.  Cards first -

      There are pretty much two options - the Highlanders 1864 deck

  or this one -


      I have both.  They have square corners, full figure court cards (face cards), and no corner indices (value and suit in the corners) just as they should.  The Highlanders deck does have a light plastic coating, but the other type is plain cardboard.  This makes the second type a bit difficult to handle, until you get used to them.  But it IS more accurate.  Having these decks makes one prepared for any card games in the Steampunk "period".

      Now as to dice, I'd always heard them referred to as bones, so I looked around for bone dice.  And guess what?  I found some!

      These are advertised as "Viking" dice, but hey, bones are bones!  I have some of these, and they're pretty nice.  (I ordered 20, which was a good idea.  Some had a bit scruffy looking faces, and 5 had a beveled edge.  But 10 were just fine, and you only need two to shoot craps.)

      With these items in your inventory, you'll be all set to win (or lose) some of that replica money!

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Comment by P. Aloysius Regnad on November 8, 2021 at 7:23pm

      Ack!  An image has disappeared!  Oh well.  But I did notice I did not make it plain why having a beveled edge on a die is undesirable.  Well, based on everything I "know", a die should have as close to perfectly flat faces, and square edges, and corners as possible.  That's it.

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