Steampunk Props #3 - Keys, Locks, and Wrist Restraints.

      If one is involved with various types of investigations, and the apprehension of wanted criminals, like my character is, being able to get into (or out of) locked areas, and keeping any outlaws captured alive under control, can be useful.  So, I've collected a few items to facilitate that.  Like keys -

      These are pretty much ordinary keys for warded locks that I got from Amazon.  But one of them -

   is apparently still used (or at least was as of 2013) by British Rail to lock up some railway car doors.

      Now for more imposing locks I have these -

      Good for cell/dungeon doors, and the like.  (Also from Amazon.)

      And for securing my own valuables and areas, I found these -

      The top two are very similar.  So much so that the key for the smaller lock can also open the larger one.  This is a good example of why having an assortment of these types of keys can come in handy.

      And since one can never trust an outlaw, it pays to be able to restrain their hands with items like these -

      Yep, they're from Amazon, too.  The first type are somewhat adjustable, but are fairly small.  The second do not adjust, but are larger, and better suited for goons with big, beefy paws.  (They're large enough for me to slip my hands out of easily.)  The "keys" for these handcuffs are actually a type of wrench that turns a screw/bolt in and out to secure, or release them.  And while the keys appear to be all identical, they aren't.  The keys each have a number on them, and will only open the cuffs with the same number.  I don't know how many numbers there are, but one of my keys is #120!

      I don't know the country of origin for the large keys, but the small keys come from China.  The second set of handcuffs are made in Spain, and the other cuffs, and padlocks are from India (like my carbide lamp).  It's good to see that some old fashioned things are still being produced in the old fashioned way.

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Comment by P. Aloysius Regnad on October 1, 2021 at 3:26am

      I didn't originate this phrase, but I'm a firm believer in the idea that "locks keep honest people honest".  The truth is, it's stupendously easy to pick most common pin tumbler locks.  And modern warded padlocks are even easier.  And modern handcuffs can be opened with a properly bent bobby pin. (Even when "double locked".)  Harry Houdini would laugh uproariously in our general direction!  Hah.  Seriously, if you want a more secure lock, get a Medico, or a Dom.  And yes, they cost a good deal more.

      But, big giant keys give most people the impression of impenetrability of their locks, so I still like them.  Besides, they're Steampunk!  Or Old Western!  Or Pirate-y!  Or something.

      (Although...  I have been told by a couple of locksmiths that lock picking is not a simple skill.  One even offered me a job when I showed him I could do it!  Huh.  Maybe I actually have a talent for something.  Just another instance that tells me I really should be living in the CR&A universe.)

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