Wilhelm was smiling as he walked in the door of his gym. Shankar beside him with a much sterner expression. His Nepali accent was rather thicker then normal as he spoke. "I do not feel that you need such a weapon. It's clumsier then you are used to even with your proficiency. Nor do I think such force is required."

Wil just laughed amiably. "I know your doubts and your fears my friend. After recent events and with some of the letters I have received I remain sure of my decision. A blade capable of providing me superior defense is clearly necessary. What happens if you or Deacon are not present? I must make sure I can defend myself as well as the two of you could. So the new injection gloves and this new swordstick are clearly good options."

Shankar merely shook his head as they took to their respective corners and changed into their sparring gear. Wil pulled on a new pair of gloves with a series of syringes along the back. He also held aloft a new stick of lightly colored wood. Pulling the handle free he pulled clear a thick blade. Looking like a rectangle with the sides dished in leaving the corners as thick yet sharp blades though each edge is serrated. The end tapered to a sharp point. Weaving it slowly through the air Wil get's a good feel for the weight and decided he was ready.

Across from him Shankar held two thick sabers. The blades looked much like could be found on an officer of the military or used by one outlaw or another. A ubiquitous saber indeed. With one in each hand Shankar advanced as Wilhelm did as well.

Shankar begin to strike with firm fast blows. Each was met with a hard block from Wil's own sword. The serrations catching and knicking the blades of Shankar's swords. After several paces Wil strikes hard, catching the blade of one of Shankar's swords. With the blade caught Wil twists his hand and slams the tip of the captured sword down, the weight of his sword twisting the captured blade into uselessness. Pulling free his sword as he ducks the attack of Shankar's good blade he drives up and knocks it clear.

Dropping back a few steps Wil grabs one of the syringes on his glove and drives the plunger down. The formula going through a tube and into a special port in the back of the glove connected to a small port in the back of Wil's forearm. Within moment's the pain of his exertion is replaced with a feeling of strength like he hasn't known since long before his accident. Moving forward he goes on the attack. His blade moving faster and harder then Shankar has ever seen though the man keeps up with some effort. The fight ends though as Wil spins on his right foot and slashes hard, his sword connecting with Shankar's and smashing through it, snapping the blade apart.

Wil smiles as he stops and drops the point of his blade to the ground. "It works as well as I hoped. Both of them. " Shankar merely shakes his head and points to the glove. "That. That mix of poisons is what will surely do you in Wilhelm."

Wil laughed as he pulled the gloves free and changed back into his normal clothing. "I know my friend. But better dead from defense then dead from being to slow."

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