That old itchy feeling Part 2 The Start of Something Bigger

   As I pondered my predicament a crewman knocked on my door..."At least someone knocks around here" I thought to myself..."Enter"  "Sir, we have recieved a message over our new wireless telegraph."  "Oh, great " I thought " Its already working and I wasn't made aware nor was Rollie, better and better."  "Sir?" The crewmans voice snapped me back to my desk. "Yes, whats the message?" I tried to sound nonchalant but I had a bad feeling about this.  "Sir," the crewman spoke again" message reads...Make for home port immediately, ship trials will resume after further instructions. " " Crewman can we verify this? we need to ask for a confirmation." "Sir, with regret, we aren't even sure HOW we got the message, the main units at home port aren't supposed to be functional yet. 

   "Very well, Mr. ...son what is your name again ? " "Hodgens Captain Sir, Aloysius Hodgens" I grimaced before I could stop myself " My sympathies son " I muttered under my breath. "Sir,?" The young airman seemed confused. "Nevermind, nevermind " and I waved my hands as if shooing away a fly or in this case a bad situation. I walked over to the speaking tube on my wall that connected to the bridge.. "Bridge, new orders, make for home port at once , best possible speed." "Aye sir, at once " 

   "Well, here comes the itch full on, an unscheduled return trip to our base,that officially doesn't exist  no way to verify it and no idea whats waiting when we get there. This day gets better and better ...and I still haven't had my breakfast yet! "

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