As we made our way back to our "Secret staging area " a base simply called "Home Port" another surprise occurred." Sir," my wireless officer called to me "We are receiving new wireless orders ..yet again " "Really ?" was my somewhat exasperated reply. "Where are we to alter our course for now ?" I admit that myself and all my personal crew were at this point even more on edge. "Sir, message reads report to aerodrome in Rijeka within the next 48 hours. additional orders to follow upon landing."  "That's it?" I asked incredulously "Go there , and sit on our thumbs awaiting more instructions?" The crewman nervously replied, "Please Sir, don't throw me overboard, I'm literally just the messenger." I couldn't help but laugh inside I guess the old crew has been telling stories of our earlier days. "AUUUGGGHH" I exploded, "This is REALLY making me long for the good old days."

      Just then my First officer Rollie approached me ," Sir, here is that supply report you asked for." Over the years we developed a code of sorts, this was a message that something was definitely wrong and I really needed to read the paper she handed me.It read " We have a serious problem, the main land communications station is definitely NOT yet operational, whoever is sending our orders has the frequencies and codes of the entire fleet and want us somewhere outside of an official military position. " I leaned in close to Rollie , "Just make sure when we land there is coffee waiting for us" 

       "That might be difficult Sir , your brand is hard to find in this part of the world."

"I know, but IF there is a way ...."   "Yes Sir, I'll try." "Great " I thought to myself, "This just gets deeper and deeper." Suddenly, a horrific thought crossed my mind but for the moment I dismissed it as too far fetched even for my enemies.


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