Um, Captain...Rollie stuttered as she tried to ignore the sight of our guest sprawled out her bed.  ..It's OK , I told her" Just say what ya have to apparently our guest already knows more about us any way." "Captain, we have finally figured out what that mysterious box really was. Apparently, it's their contingency plan built into all their new vessels. If we disobey orders, they can use the new wireless telegraph to send a signal to detonate our compressed aether tank and well, ya know what happens after that." 

  "My Dear Captain , I can help you with that incidental problem. " The Magistrix pulled herself up in the bed into a relatively normal sitting position " I have the equipment necessary to safely remove the device as well as other equipment to allow you to fulfill your actual usefulness to me. "My actual usefulness? "  "Yes of course,"her matter of fact demeanor made this all seem like a simple market place haggling as opposed to the potentially dangerous conversation it really was. " You my dear captain have a distinguished ancestry one of which will be able to direct me to the items I need to be able to stop the darkness that even now is coming to a boil. "

  "Ok, but how is my ancestry supposed to help you?" My curiosity was genuinely piqued by now and with her next statement even Rollie perked up.

" Captain among my belongings brought aboard your fine vessel are several pieces of state of the art technology. Are you aware of the Tesla Co Ecto explorative division?"  Rollie's eye lit up like a child at the site of a Christmas tree. "REALLY , PLEASE DON'T TEASE ME !"

Rollie was suddenly on the bed an almost snuggling with our guest as she continued, "Yes my dear lil half breed , she actually reached out and stroked Rollie's hair like a mother with her child. " I have a new prototype of a highly experimental Ecto frequency transmitter and receiver. Mr Tesla has entrusted me to find you and retrieve the necessary information I need."Wait, wait, wait, does one of my ancestors fit into all this? "I was afraid at this point that something was going to get even worse. Ah, well I had hoped you would have figured it out by now. Your last fully human ancestor of course, Lachlan "The Bloody Scotsman " MacLean. The pirate who disappeared with the legendary heart of the witch, the largest diamond ever found.

 Ya could have knocked me over with a feather at this point. "He was just a man who disappeared at sea not some big mystery."  "He was much more than a pirate, he was an agent of the Masons and The Covenant , he was charged with removing the heart from the playing field. Before he could deliver it his ship was lost to the depths. Now we can use your physical presence to summon him and find the heart where ever it rests. It was placed in a box made of silver that was hexed and warded to make it impossible to scry its position.Your distinguished forefather will be able to tell us where it lies.Once I have the heart I can seal a gate that must be closed forever before the contamination of this world becomes too severe to be reversed."

  I couldn't believe what I was hearing, the ancestor I always thought was nothing but a blood thirsty pirate was in truth a Masonic agent playing the role as a blood thirsty pirate.  "Oh, to be sure he had a temper and a quite remarkable body count but he did give his um, targets, a chance to surrender." Rollie was now completely enraptured by the story of my previously unknown great grandfather. Apparently Rollie had already decided that being called half breed meant less to her than hearing more about my families past. She was actually now reclining on the bed with her best friend wide eyed and hanging on her every word.

  "Hold on , drop anchor here , "I said not wanting to get too far of the course of the conversation." Why do you need me to contact him? Can't you just ,I don't know, summon him the pardon the phrase the old fashioned way?"  "My dearest Captain I could indeed summon him by my more um traditional methods however, as soon as I touch the outer planes in Astral form I would be attacked by my fathers watch wards, and I have NO desire to repeat that performance."

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