After several days of our guest and Rollie assembling the Ecto transmitter receiver they were ready for an initial power up and test run. "Captain, " Rollie said with the enthusiasm of a child at Christmas, "We are are ready to tap the main generators, the crew might notice a slight dimming of the lights but hopefully the enhancers Genevieve brought with her will compensate enough to keep any one from being too suspicious." I had to admit this was a on my mind.We still had a few Hungarian crew I hadn't thrown over a rail yet. Which is why  I had the two of them construct the device in the suite our guest was using.

   "My dear Captain Lachlan ," Genevieve said " I believe we should be able to begin soon. We need to get you to begin thinking about your ancestor . You need to have your mind clearly focused on him."  I confess I was still skeptical technology that lets us speak with the dead? Whats next? any idiot with the money for the apparatus could speak with the departed.Kinda puts a bit of sympathy in ones heart for the old fashioned Necromancers and seers who had to things "the old way" I viewed the device with an admitted sense of foreboding it resembled in some fashion one of the new electric execution chairs with massive coils of wires and what appear to be some kind of cages on top of them. "I don't know about this " I freely admit I was not comfortable , and to no ones surprise Rollies delight. "Captain, you get to try out one of the latest greatest new scientific miracles."

   "Rollie, my dear little half breed..." Genevieve spoke up "please ensure that the primary coils are tuned and that the aether battery is at 100 per cent."

   I never got used to Genevieve calling Rollie half breed, Rollie had killed for less and more than once. I could only guess the lure of new toys over rode her sensitivity to her mixed parentage. "Captain" a call came from the speaking tube" We have a situation brewing up here. I answered back "Lets here it"  We have a massive storm front coming up fast ahead of us , at this speed we will be inside the outer edge within 20 minutes."

   Genevieve appeared un phased , "As long as the apparatus is properly grounded we should be alright." I looked to Rollie, her eyes still glazed over with the possibility of seeing top secret Tesla tech work. "It'll be ok Cap'n" she said with her best smile  "Im sure everything is gonna be just fine." Then when she thought she was out of my line of sight she looked quickly back to Genevieve and shot her a quick shrug as if to say "Best I know I THINK the storm won't be a problem." I braced myself for what I knew I was about to hear ....."Alright Captain " Genevieve said calmly, patting the seat of the chair"Have a seat and get comfortable"  I stared at the machine and then back  to the two of them as if to say "I really don't want to sit down". They both shot me those wide eyed looks that all women seem to know how to do smiled their best smiles and simultaneously shoved me into the chair.

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