Cain Marko: Part 1 - The Last Skirmish...

The dull roar of the air-crafts could be heard from below, only being muffled by the sound of a random explosion in the distance.  I could see the hot, orange glow of the mushrooms that the explosions made.  The screams of the men hit by those bombs were cut off short, and their voices never to be heard again except in my head.  God, I wish I didn't hear those screams.  They haunt my nightmares and plague my mind in the silence.  I think on them now and I shudder.  Oh, how I miss that crew.
                "Jacobs, move your ass!  Those ships are coming this way!"  I yelled at our first mate, the bloody idiot.  Got himself stuck in a trench made to defend ourselves from the crossfire from the enemy.  I tried to find a way to help him as quickly as I could, but I couldn’t see a anything.  He looked at my face with a scared look and I felt sorry for him right there.  He understood the look on my face and his went pale.  There was nothing I could do and he knew it.  "I'm sorry Jacobs."  I turned away from the trench and ran towards where our ship should have been.  I still miss that poor lad.  Luckily that bomb that dropped at that moment killed him instantly.  Didn't have a slow death, and I'm thankful he passed quick.
                I ran as quickly as I could so I wouldn't be another target for a bombardier.  I attempted to find  more of my shipmates, but to no avail.  I think I was late for them, just as I was late for Jacobs.  I had no way of communication with them.  Damn radio signal went out on us a long time ago; most likely jammed.  I shook my head and tried to clear it.  This isn't the time to think about that.  Just get back to the bloody ship.
                That journey wasn't easy though.  I kept running into to many of the opposition, and none of my allies.  It’s lucky I avoided them the way I did.  I ran out of ammo a long time ago, and all I had left was my little hunting knife, and I wasn’t as graceful as I used to be.  The entire trek back I kept thinking the worst possible outcomes.  Thoughts like "Where were they?", "Were they dead?", and "What if I'm the only one left?"  Then I heard a voice that was familiar in the distance.
                It was the angelic voice of my daughter.  My little Sherri.  She was calling for me from the hangar of a shi ---  "What the hell...THAT'S MY DAUGHTER YOU BLOODY BASTARDS!"  I ran towards the ship that was kidnapping my daughter, my heart racing.  I started to breathe heavily in panic, but my mind was kept in check.  I scanned the ship for any markings I could find as quickly as I could.  All I noticed was that the name of the ship was painted over with splatters of paint and it looked covered in gunpowder --- Pirates.
                I watched as they ran away with my darling Sherri.  Bloody pirates.  They scavenge battlefields, and take the scraps and debris that fall off ships, or they take advantage at certain points to take what they want off survivors or people distracted by the fighting.  It seems these bastards took an entire deserted warship.
                Now I had a need to get back to my ship.  My poor Sherri.  That was my mission now --- to find my daughter, and to use all means to find her.  I just hoped the ship was there when I got there.
                I saw the ship in the distance, and I quickly approached it.  It was the greatest site in the world to me at that moment.  My hope and joy.  The Stag.  The greatest ship I've ever flown in.  I'd have a chance to catch up to those pir --- BOOM!

                I sat up with a jolt, sitting in a comfortable, white sheeted bed.  "Cain?" I heard a woman ask.  "Oh, good, you're finally awake."  She pressed a hand to my forehead, which I quickly jerked away from.  I winced in unbearable pain from my left side upon moving though.  She smiled softly.  A caring smile.  The one we were taught to use when looking at a patient who has had an ordeal.  A forced smile.  “It seems the fever has broken.  We thought we were going to lose you for a while after the surgery and all.  You’ve been sweating a great deal and…”  I tuned her out after that.
                I looked around and started to panic.  My daughter...My ship...I felt a jolt of pain again, but just from my left shoulder and left ribcage.  Then It dawned on me.  Surgery?  I hesitantly moved the sheet from my left side and looked.  I saw a mesh of gears, wires and metal.  There was a prosthetic protruding where my arm should be.  My arm...

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