The Misadventures of a Monster Hunter: Episode 1: Empty Stomachs (Origional)

Jacob and the little girl sat on the end of the wagon as it bounced down the road. He quickly reached for his gas mask as it nearly bounced off of the cart. "Damn roads" He muttered under his breath. "Papa how long will it be before we get to eat again???"

He looked at the girl and sighed a little, "Hopefully soon dear. Should be nearing a town soon." He said as both their stomachs let out a loud grumble. "I think We have some bread left" He said as he started rummaging through his pack, and pulling out a piece of balled up cloth and started unraveling it. There was a tiny end of bread in the center of the cloth he pulled out the little bit of bread and handed it to his daughter. "Here you go hun." He said as she took it and ate it. That was the last of the food till they hit the next town. He was used to going without food, but it pained him to see her without regular food. 

If only she hadn't left, our poor daughter wouldn't have to worry about her next meal. I'm her only family and I can't just give her up, not like this....

Jacob looked to his daughter again and smiled. "I promise we will get everything back to normal." "You mean mama coming back???" her face lit up as she said this. "Yes dear, we will find mama." He said ruffling her hair with his hand. He peered his head around the side of the cart. He saw the lights of a village as he noticed the sun was getting closer and closer to the horizon. His stomach growled, his daughter and him just laughed as they smelled fresh baked bread in the air.

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