The Misadventures of a Monster Hunter: Episode 2: Tantalizing Trouble

The two sat in the bar and ate their bread. Jacob was finally happy to eat again.He knew he needed a bigger pack for food but, that would sacrifice room for weaponry. He observed his daughter watching a poker game at the adjacent table. His smile quickly faded as he noticed a priest walking into the bar. He tapped Alicia on her back and she turned to her father. He gestured to the priest and she hid under the table.

"Evenin' Father" the barkeep lilted while pouring a whiskey.

"Good Evening my child" the priest said shaking the keep's hand, "Do you have any rooms available for my band of hunters?"

"Sure do Father." The keep lilted as he fumbled for the key in his pocket.

"Thank you and God bless," The priest said as he headed up to his room.

Jacob tapped his daughter's shoulder again. This time she hopped back into the chair next to him. "I'm glad he didn't notice you dear."

"Me too." Alicia shuddered through a mouthful of bread.

A woman in a tight leather suit walked in, followed by a grizzled-looking band of mercenaries. The woman looked around the room and noticed Jacob's all black attire. She took a mug from the counter and sat straight across from him. "What do you want?" He asked her as he slowly reached for his sidearm.

"Just noticed you and your daughter all by yourself," She took a sip of the ale.

"We were alone for a reason," he took a sip of whiskey "so if you don't mind, would you kindly leave us be?"

"But why would I want to ignore such a peculiar man and his even more interesting daughter?" She leaned forward a little.

Alicia hugged Jacob. "What do you want with her?" Jacob had the gun out under the table and was ready to pull the trigger.

"Nothing, nothing at all." The woman said as she got up and walked away.

Jacob started gathering their gear. "We need to go dear," he crooned while gathering her things. She reached out for him to pick her up. He carried her out of the bar and the two started heading on the road.

The woman at the bar noticed them leaving in a hurry. "Rolof!" a large man stood in front of her now. "Follow them and bring me the girl" He let out an animal like howl and ran out the door.

To be continued...

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