I made my way through the corridors of the ship to the main stair way, in dry dock under construction, this ship was originally laid out as a pleasure cruiser. Her main stairway is far more ornate than a regulation military vessel built from the keel up but I had to admit I'm beginning to get a fondness for the wood paneling and rails makes me feel all civilized and such.As I finally reached the sickbay in the aft section of the mid decks I was greeted by the Cantonese chatter of Xaio Min chiding some poor sailor who didn't follow her directions about keeping his wound dressed. The sailor in question was one of my own ,Jones, good Welsh man hated the English and loved Scotch, so we got on well enough.He looked to me as if to plead "Please get her off me!" I jumped in Xiao, my dear , you called me , you NEVER call me what's the matter? Her thick Chinese accent made following her sometimes difficult. She tried to compose herself then looked to me "The're all dead..." 

  "Who's all dead crew members?"   "No , my leeches and most of my fish"  ....I had to take a moment Xiao was never this flighty "Wait what? you called me for this?"  "They all started to die off as soon as we left the port. " She struggled to keep her english understandable.."Something evil on this ship now,what did you take on?" "I might have taken on a passenger "  her eyes opened wide and began screeching Cantonese. I could only catch about 70 percent since she was rambling so fast but I think she questioned my heritage as well as my ability to..well never mind. " You bring bad luck ...how you plan on fixing it..huh? what happen when more things on here start to die?" I couldn't really argue I knew I had a dark sorceress aboard and the fact she apparently had access to the military wireless telegraph system just caused the questions to keep coming so now seemed like a good a time as any."Don't worry " I told her with all the false confidence I could muster "I'm going to have a chat with our guest right now." This day is about to get even worse.

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